A Buyer’s Guide for buying Forces FX Lightsaber Online

A Buyer’s Guide for buying Forces FX Lightsaber Online

Majority of force fx lightsabers offer great performance and they have the best weight and authentic sound effects when moving around. Force fx lightsabers too have permanently fixed blades with LEDs in them. However, there are some rare models that have removable blades but these always have a belt clip so that the user can wear the hilt on the waist during duels. The obi wan force fx lighstaber has a real metal hilt for ultimate collectability and display, as well as detailed real-movie design inspired by Star Wars.

obi wan force fx lighstaber

Below is a buyer’s guide for buying force fx lightsaber online.

  1. Type:

Buying a standard fx light saber can be very cost effective because they are relatively cheaper and have light and sound, where the light comes from the LED inside the hilt. It has a basic soundboard, and they are used for dueling, flow arts or spinning. Because of these special features, we could therefore conclude that obi wan force fx lightsaber is a standard fx lighsaber.

  1. Sondboard:

A soundboard controls the sound in lightsabers but it can also control the lighting and blade effects in obi wan force fx lightsaber depending on the board and set up of the lightsaber.

  1. Soundfonts:

The sound the saber makes when you turn it on is what is referred to as the soundfont. There are different sounds for lightsabers which include hums, swings, blasters and power off among others. The obi wan force fx lightsaber a smooth-swing soundfonts.

  1. Blade:

There are two different lightsaber blade grades, the mid-grade and dueling grades. The nid-grade or medium grade blade have thinner blade walls that allows them a brighter looking blade depending on the configuration of saber’s lighting approach. If it has an LED lighting in it, it is probably going to have a brighter look. This is the case for obi wan force fx lightsaber which have an LED lighting in their hilts. They are therefore not suitable for dueling.

darth maul force fx lightsaber

The darth maul force fx lightsaber has a retail cost price of around $159.99, and can either be purchased as one-sided with a blade or double-sided with both blades.

By clicking the above link, lightsaber collectors can be able to choose the best designs and complexions for lightsabers that suit their preferences and comfortability. Also, they will be able to select the best gifts for fans of Star Wars films and ones that are affordable to them.