Black Series Emperor Palpatine Lightsaber

Black Series Emperor Palpatine Lightsaber

Who is Palpatine? Emperor Palpatine was a powerful and evil to the core person who restored the sith and destroyed the Jedi Order. The emperor lived a double life, he was also a Palpatine, Naboo Senator, and a phantom menace. During his rule, he manipulated the political system of the Galactic Empire where he made them make him the Supreme Chancellor, and also that’s how he became the Emperor. Emperor Palpatine ruled the galaxy through fear and tyranny that’s why everyone rejoiced when he died at the Battle of Endor.

During his reign the emperor did not wield a lightsaber, why is that so? This was because he felt that he and his peers had outgrown the use of lightsabers. He only used a saber to mock the Jedi. The Emperor was also known as Darth Sidious. His hate of lightsabers did not stop him from owning two lightsabers which he rarely used. After he was brought to life on the Byss, the emperor wielded a blue-bladed lightsaber. There is a couple of times when the Emperor used his sabers, when was it? It was when he was battling against Savage and Maul, he also used them when fighting Mace Windu where the sabers fall out of the window thus getting destroyed during the battle.

Description of the Black series Emperor Palpatine Lightsaber

  • 11 interchangeable colors.
  • 12W LED.
  • Brightness Efficiency switching mode.
  • 9 custom sound fonts.
  • Mute function.
  • Flash on clash.
  • Blaster deflection and lock-up.
  • Smooth Swing.
  • Metal Hilt.
  • 100cm (39.37”) length of the blade.
  • Detachable mid-grade PC blade for dueling.
  • In-Built recharge port with a USB cable.

Darksaber Legacy Lightsaber

The dark saber is an ancient and unique black-bladed lightsaber that was made by the first Mandalorian ever to be inducted into the Jedi Order. After the passing of Vizsla’s passing the saber was kept in the Jedi temple, but, it got stolen by members of the house of Vizsla. This happened during the fall of the Old Republic. One might ask this question. Can a dark saber legacy lightsaber last in a duel? Well, the is yes, why is that so? This is because the Dark saber legacy lightsabers are well built from quality materials thus they would not fall apart during dueling.

The Dark saber legacy lightsaber costs around 150$-400$ which is a really good return on your money. In this price range, you get top-notch quality, and also the sound and lighting are well done.