How Did Cal Kestis Obtain his Saber in Star Wars?

How Did Cal Kestis Obtain his Saber in Star Wars?

When it comes to Cal Kestis and his saber, there are only a few possibilities:

(A)He inherited them, 

(B)He built them,

(C)They were gifted to him.

So, as a hardcore Star Wars fan, you know the answer.

But if you have recently entered the  Star Wars universe, no worries.

Let’s make it easy to know the real story behind his iconic weapon.

The Origin of Cal Kestis saber

Carl Kestis resonates deeply with Star Wars fans.  If you are one of them, you know the importance of a saber in a Jedi’s journey. It’s not just a weapon; it’s an extension of the Jedi themselves, a symbol of their connection to the Force.


Let's dive into the origin of the Cal Kestis lightsaber, a story filled with hope, loss, and the indomitable spirit of a Jedi.

Chapter 1: The  Beginning of Young Padavan

This story begins in a time of turmoil, during the events of the Clone Wars. 

Carl Kestis, a young Padawan, was learning the ways of the Jedi under the guidance of Jaro Tapal, the Jedi Master.

He was bright, eager, and filled with the promise of a great future as a Jedi Knight.

The First Lightsaber was gifted to him by his master, Jaro Tapal. It symbolized his devotion to the Jedi Order, a  blue single-bladed lightsaber with a cylindrical hilt that felt like a part of him.

Let’s get to know about Cal Kestis First Lightsaber.



Jedi order 13th Battalion Galactic Republic

Type of blade


Handle Type


Type of Crystal 

Kyber Crystal

Colour of the Blade 



Cal had a strong bond with his master and his lightsaber.

However, he was unaware of the significant changes that the galaxy was about to go through.

Chapter 2: Order 66 - The Darkest Hour

The infamous Order 66, one of the darkest moments in the Star Wars saga, was issued.

The Clone Troopers, who had fought side by side with the Jedi, were suddenly turned into ruthless executioners. Jedi were marked as traitors to the Republic and hunted down mercilessly.


During these dark times, Cal Kestis found himself facing the ultimate test of his young life.


He had to defend himself and survive as his own Clone Trooper comrades turned against him, led by Commander Grey.


The world around him was falling apart, and amidst the chaos, The Cal Kestis lightsaber was also lost.


Chapter 3: The Survival

The lightsaber, once a symbol of hope, now seemed like a distant memory. Cal Kestis managed to escape the initial onslaught, but his journey was far from over. Alone and on the run, he sought refuge on the desolate planet of Bracca.

He began a new life, working as a rigger for the Scrapper Guild. But Cal’s fate was intertwined with the  Force, which had grand plans for him. The survival on Bracca was just the beginning of a remarkable journey.


Chapter 4: New Allies, New Horizons

As destiny unfolds unexpectedly. It was on the debris-covered plains of Bracca that Cal’s path intersected with new allies-Greez Dritus, a four-armed Latero, and Cere Junda, a legendary Jedi Master.

Together, they started with a mission to rediscover the Jedi Order, hoping to restore the legacy that had been nearly wiped out.

That was not all, Cal found a new friend, BD-1, a small droid who became a trusted companion.

BD-1 would not only help him navigate treacherous terrain but also play a role in reconstructing his lightsaber.

Chapter 5: The Birth of a New saber

The way to become a Jedi Knight requires not only training but also the construction of a lightsaber. 


Cal Kestis knew he had to rebuild what was lost. So he had to take a difficult journey to Ilum, a planet rich with kyber crystals.These crystals are the heart of every lightsaber, and the connection between a Jedi and their lightsaber is a sacred bond.


It’s said that when a Jedi finds a kyber crystal that resonates with them, it aligns itself to the Force user’s presence and energy, making it a unique and personal weapon.


Cal found two kyber crystals on IIum, which were again to become the source of the new origin of Cal’s lightsaber. It was not just a weapon; it was about rekindling his connection to the Force and to the legacy of the Jedi.


The design of his lightsaber was different from his previous one. It featured a double-bladed configuration that could be split into two single blades, showcasing his versatility as a Jedi. 


This new lightsaber was a testament to his growth and transformation.

Let’s know about Cal Kestis Second Lightsaber.


Jedi order Mantis crew


Double-bladed single-bladed when splits


Cal Kestis

Handle Type


Construction date

Ilum-14 BBY

Type of Crystal

Two Kyber crystals

Colour of the Blade 



Conclusion: The Legend Continues

Now you know the answer to the origin of the Cal lightsaber in Star Wars. From losing his first lightsaber to rebuilding his own double-bladed lightsaber using the two kyber crystals and remains of his first lightsaber. 

Cal Kestis and his lightsaber story shows how a Jedi can keep going, even in tough times. It also shows how hope and the connection between a Jedi and their weapon are really strong.

Think of Cal Kestis, who lost a lot but rebuilt and carried on the Jedi tradition in a galaxy far away. Now is the time to have the Cal Kestis lightsaber from Artsabers with you to feel the same light Force aura flowing from it.

May the Force be with you, always.