May the 4th Be With You - Star Wars Day Celebration, 2024

May the 4th Be With You - Star Wars Day Celebration, 2024

ARTSABERS wishes you a very happy Star Wars Day.

May 4th, 2024 is just around the corner. Stay Alert Galactic Fans for the day of the year. This Star Wars Day is going to be a day to remember in the Galaxy far, far away. 

This Star Wars Day Celebration, 2024 is going to be one of a kind, with so many different ways to celebrate. We at ARTSABERS are going to make your Star Wars Day even more special with exciting deals on lightsabers and other artifacts.

May the Fourth be with you! On May 4th, 2024, the entire Saga universe will be celebrating this iconic day.


Timeline Of Star Wars Day

 1977: First Star Wars Movie Episode IV: A New Hope to hit the theatres 

 British Conservative Party used the phrase “May the Fourth be with You, Maggie” after Margaret Thatcher became prime minister in 1979.

 In the Early 2000s, Star Wars Fandom started to embrace the pun on the phrase “May the Force be With You” and the community started to celebrate May 4th as unofficial Star Wars Day.
 In 2011, this Day was embraced by Lucasfilm as well as Disney. Since then, May the 4th has been celebrated as Star Wars Day.
 May 4th,2024 marks the 14th anniversary of Star Wars Day.


We have conducted some surveys on the occasion of Star Wars Day. These surveys include results from The Skywalker Saga to Disney+ The Mandalorian.  


Space Opera Survey Results

We took a survey on Star Wars Saga and got some unexpected results from more than 1000 people. Look at the results:

1. Which is your Favourite Trilogy from the Skywalker Saga?



35% - Original Trilogy

30% - Prequel Trilogy

20% - Stand Alone Films / None

15% - Sequel Trilogy


02. Which is your favorite Star Wars Live-Action Series?



03. Who, according to you is the most Dangerous character in all of Star Wars?



These survey results were unexpected as no one thought people liked Andor more than the Mandalorian or even the prequel trilogy more than the original trilogy.

Some people were also shocked to see that some fans consider even characters like Luke and Rey dangerous.

Test Your Knowledge of the Galaxy Far, Far Away!

Test your Saga trivia with these 10 Interesting Questions. The answer will be at the end of this section:


Question 01: Which trade federation, as described in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, blockaded Naboo?

  1. A) The Hutt Cartel
  2. B) The Commerce Guild
  3. C) The Trade Federation
  4. D) The Black Sun


Question 02: What was the name of the home planet of the Wookiees that the Separatists were always laying siege to?

  1. A) Kashyyyk
  2. B) Chewbacca
  3. C) Endor
  4. D) Ryloth


Question 03: Which color lightsaber did Mace Windu, the lone Jedi known to wield this color blade?

  1. A) Green
  2. B) Blue
  3. C) Purple
  4. D) Yellow


Question 04: In Episode IV: A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi used a well-known quote to characterize the Force. What’s the quote?

  1. A) "May the Force be with you."
  2. B) "The dark side clouds everything."
  3. C) "Fear is the path to the dark side."
  4. D) "Balance the Force, Luke."


Question 05: Which bounty hunter, in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, took Han Solo and Chewbacca prisoner?

  1. A) Dengar
  2. B) IG-88
  3. C) Boba Fett 
  4. D) Bossk


Question 06: In the Original Trilogy, which two Death Star battle stations were destroyed by the Rebel Alliance?

  1. A) Death Star I & II
  2. B) Starkiller Base & Death Star II
  3. C) Death Star I & Starkiller Base
  4. D) Super Star Destroyer & Death Star I


Question 07: What was the name of the moon in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back where Jedi Master Yoda trained Luke Skywalker?

  1. A) Hoth
  2. B) Dagobah
  3. C) Bespin
  4. D) Yavin IV


Question 08: An iconic double-bladed lightsaber was used by Darth Maul. What was it called?

  1. A) Lightsaber Pike
  2. B) Double Saber
  3. C) Lightsaber Staff
  4. D) Sith Saber


Question 09: What is the name of the old Jedi scripture that contains the Force's wisdom and knowledge?

  1. A) The Jedi Tome
  2. B) The Sith Codex
  3. C) The Kyber Chronicles
  4. D) The Holocron


Question 10: Which well-known statement made by Han Solo to Princess Leia finally cemented their relationship?

  1. A) "I know." 
  2. B) "I love you."
  3. C) "Always."
  4. D) "We're meant to be together."



  1. C) The Trade Federation
  2. A) Kashyyyk
  3. C) Purple
  4. B) "The dark side clouds everything"
  5. C) Boba Fett 
  6. A) Death Star I & II
  7. B) Dagobah
  8. B) Double Saber 
  9. D) The Holocron
  10. A) "I know"


How many did you answer correctly? Whatever the no. is, you would agree that this was a fun quiz.

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May the Force be With You!