Real Deal Ben Solo for You!

Real Deal Ben Solo for You!

 If you don’t have any, then I would recommend you try our ben solo lightsaber. It is silver in color, has color-changing effects, and comes with the user guide and screws; Lightsaber stands in a black casing.

After acquiring your Lightsaber, you can’t put it in the cupboard. It will be so unfair to the lightsabers. The correct way of storing your Lightsaber is by showing it off! I mean displaying it in the most unique way possible, either in your drawing room, living room, along the hallway, or anywhere you like.

Displaying lightsabers is not only a way to show them off, but it also adds elegance to your house. If you are interested in decorating your house with some lightsabers, do check on our ben solo lightsaber and place your order today!

It has the following characteristics.

1. Smooth Swing:

A smooth swing is a satisfying feature for any kind of saber you are looking to get. What is a smooth swing? This is an algorithm based on a soundboard that allows the most realistic types of sound swings. The speed and motion of the saber determine the kind of volume and pitch produced. Clear sound effects are a result of smooth swings. Most duelers argue that a soundless swing is the most ideal.

2. Removable Battery:

When it comes to matters of recharging your saber, removable batteries are the best choice which gives you the ability to change the battery at any point. You are able to recharge the battery and reuse it. This saves you the cost of having to buy batteries every now and then.


When looking to purchase a lightsaber for cosplay, dueling, or even exhibition, you need to check out for the best quality that will ensure its longevity. Features like the hilt, blade, and electronics should be able to withstand normal handling as well as the shipping process. No one wants to receive a package of broken sabers, and it can be disappointing. It's obvious that dueling sabers like the dark grey lightsaber can be sturdier than the display sabers, but that does not mean they should be of low quality either.

 dark grey lightsaber

 Your dueling journey is just a single step away, and for unique and high-quality Lightsaber like Graflex lightsaber, is your number one choice. Check out our website at and get more incredible and the best lightsabers.