The Perfect Size Lightsaber Just for You!

A lightsaber is a made-up energy sword appearing in the Star Wars saga. The standard representation of a lightsaber is a luminescent plasma blade that extends from a metal hilt in which the dimensions of a lightsaber measure approximately 10.5 inches (27 cm) in length. First introduced in the original Star Wars film,[a] it has since appeared in most Star Wars films, with at least one lightsaber duel taking place in each installment of the "Skywalker saga." In the Star Wars universe, the lightsaber is the distinctive weapon of the light-side-wielding Jedi Order, the dark-side-wielding Sith Order, and the Knights of Ren. The unique appearance of the lightsaber was created using rotoscoping for the original films and digital effects for the prequel and sequel trilogies. The lightsaber can, however, also be used as a regular weapon or tool by those who are not Force-sensitive. For example, the Sith exclusively utilize red-bladed sabers to set themselves apart from the Jedi, while the Jedi use a variety of color lightsabers (most commonly blue and green, though purple and yellow have also been depicted in canon media). The kyber crystal, a lightsaber's power source, determines the hue of the blade by tuning it with the Force and the wielder's connection to it. The hilt of a lightsaber is custom-made by its owner and has a distinctive appearance. In addition to the conventional single-bladed lightsaber, there are some other versions, including the double-bladed lightsaber, which was most notably used by Darth Maul, crossguard lightsabers, and the Darksaber.

There are many different sizes and shapes for lightsaber hilts. Some Vader's Vault lightsabers have the most diminutive possible dimensions, which have hilts about 1.25 inches in diameter. The 1.375-inch diameter of the Ultrasabers Initiate V2 hilts is likewise regarded as a tiny diameter for a lightsaber dimension hilt. Kids and others with smaller hands benefit from lightsaber hilts with a lower diameter. On the other hand, the hilts of some of the larger lightsaber dimensions can be as much as 1.7 inches in diameter. The Black Series of Star Wars The pommel of the Kylo Ren Force FX lightsaber has a monstrous 2-inch diameter. The Dark Mantis hilt of Ultrasaber measures 1.7 inches in diameter. Many mid-range to expensive Ultrasabers have large-diameter hilts. Lightsaber hilt length varies, as does lightsaber hilt diameter. Like the Ultrasabers Initiate V2, shoto lightsabers have shorter hilts that measure about 8.75 inches. Shoto sabers made by Saberforge are generally 9 inches long, though there may be some variation based on the hilt design. Lightsaber hilts that are longer will measure closer to 12 or 13 inches. A 24-inch or longer lightsaber hilt could be used for saber staffs, pikes, or double-bladed swords. Lightsabers with a small diameter and length, like the Initiate V2, and those with a big diameter and length, such as the Dark Mantis, Electrum Wind, and the Guardian, are available from Artsabers.

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