Tips for Buying a Realistic Lightsaber Online

Tips for Buying a Realistic Lightsaber Online

The fictional energy sword, lightsaber, is also called a laser sword. Its common blade length is usually 0.91 meters through a metal hilt of 10.5 inches. The lightsaber is a very common weapon in Star Wars films whereby each installment of the “Skywalker saga” has at least one lightsaber duel. In Star Wars films, the rey skywalker lightsaber was a yellow lightsaber that represented the balance to stand as the last guard of the Jedi legacy by defeating Palpatine. When buying a lightsaber, it’s important to buy one that you’re happy and comfortable with.

skywalker lightsaber

Below are tips to buying a realistic lightsaber.

  1. Weight:

 Lightsabers should feel like real weapons when you handle them. They should have a hilt that feels real and not plastic. You can pick up the lightsaber and feel if they’re cheap, or you can also check them online. The average weight of a realistic lightsaber is commonly around 425 grams. Therefore, this realistic weight should allow the saber to balance when the blade is inserted so that they can be flexible and controllable.

  1. Usability:

One of the things to consider is if the lightsaber is easy to use, like, does it have a recharge port or battery? The buttons should also be easy to turn on and off as well as the battery port should be easily accessible. Moreover, you should consider how easy it is to clean, fix and maintain. Hence, it is important for a buyer to check for all these components before buying any lightsaber.

  1. Button Placement:

Depending on how you’re handing your realistic lightsaber, either one hand or two-hands handling, it is necessary to be in control of the buttons. When you’re shooting a movie or film or dueling, it is important to consider the best button placement for your hands. These buttons should be easy to turn on and off so that you can access the special features with ease. This is because when you’re doing a video and you constantly keep looking at the where the buttons are, the video might not work.

skywalker lightsaber

  1. Size:

When buying a realistic lightsaber online, it is important to read the saber descriptions, dimensions and the size you are buying. While it is obvious that you’re going to choose the size of your saber depending on the size of your hands, some people prefer smaller sabers. However, one should choose lightsbers that are comfortable for their hands and easy to handle.