Ways of Using Your Saber

Ways of Using Your Lightsaber

What do you want to do with your lightsaber? Is it for collection or combat dueling? If you want to exploit your lightsaber's full power and potential, one of the best ways to amuse yourself with your single is to acquire potentially valuable skills. And the essential part is obtaining a good lightsaber, Darth Nihilus force FX lightsaber, and the next step is to learn some spins and unique tricks for your combat.


Teaching yourself how to flip and spin a lightsaber can be fun. You don't even need a partner to practice. Aside from your Darth Nihilus face lightsaber, all you need is some open space. One of the best is an area more significant and less cluttered than your living room. Secondly, you should also have a reasonably soft surface under your feet. With that said, here is a list of lightsaber tricks that you can practice in your free time:

  • The Basic Throw. To succeed, start by holding your lightsaber in a standard grip at your side at waist level, with the blade pointed diagonally upward. Next, bring the hilt upward while letting the edge dip downward. Once the blade points at the floor (or nearly so), release the handle. If you execute it right, the edge will do a 360-degree rotation in the air as the grip remains more or less in the same space where you released it (so the entire saber resembles a rapidly moving clock hand). Grab the handle once it has completed a full rotation.
  • The Second trick is the senseless spin. To be honest, this trick requires a certain amount of skill with the basic spin. The so-called mindless spin is a continuous motion that starts in front of your body, moves behind your back, then comes back to your show. Your saber remains in one hand throughout the sequence. Next, grip the hilt, as you would after a standard basic spin, and rotate your wrist to perform another blade rotation behind your back. Then bring the hold back around to your front.
  • The third trick is the twirl. Again, it suits a double-bladed saber enthusiast, especially those who want to bust some Darth Nihilus force FX lightsaber It's a way to do multiple continuous lightsaber spins that travel a 360-degree around the user's body.

Learning how to use a lightsaber properly is often frustrating, but it's ultimately a rewarding experience. If you decide to get involved in that sport, get Darth Nihilus face, lightsaber and do your practice.