What You Should Know about sabers

What You Should Know about Lightsabers

Getting a Real-life saber instantly that glows before your eyes has been made easy by artsabers.com. These sabers are built in a way that they mimic both the look and the sound of the laser sword of the most popular Star Wars films.

When it comes to the colors, the most current saber replicas colors do not have the same weight as the ones from the ancient times. The interpretations of the colors are basically based on the historical importance rather than their modern significance. Example, a blue saber which is the most common one represents the Jedi Guardian who was known for bravery and righteousness. Who wouldn’t want to get associated with this traits? The green sabers are associated with wisdom and skill which is from the Jedi’s who had a stronger connection to the Force. A red saber does not represent evil as most people associate it with, rather it represented pain and suffering. A purple saber would represent moral ambiguity, uncertainty and reconstruction. This was based on the fact that purple was as a result of combining red and blue colors. Mace windu saber is the best-known purple saber.
Mace windu saber

Did you know that sabers with removable body parts are the best? Acquiring such kind of a saber is advantageous because it helps one to quickly repair the broken parts rather than throwing away the whole saber. It also gives you the ability to remove the main body and check the electronics as well as change the used batteries. Other sabers come along with removable pommels. This feature makes it possible to remove one sidebars’ pommel and connect the main body to another saber’s pommel to give a double blade saber.

A Real life saber has the brightest glow and looks awesome when paired with the rest of the gear. There are many kinds of sabers available in the market but artsabers.com sabers are unmatched due to the high quality materials that ensure durability. The sabers can be fully customized to different colors and designs to suit your needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, whether you are looking to get a radian single-bladed purple saber or even a deadly double bladed red saber.

For those who are into collecting artefacts, you can easily show off your Star Wars fandom with these realistic sabers. A saber collection can serve as a conversation starter in a home as you break down the significance of your customized creations.