Why Was Mace Windu’s saber is Purple?

Why Was Mace Windu’s Lightsaber Purple?

What is your favorite color? Is it purple? I cannot tell which one is it but you know it, isn’t it? Today we are going to find out why purple is so important in the Star Wars film. Star Wars films are known for their amazing and jaw-dropping sabers. They come in numerous colors but we will focus on the purple saber and the Jedi warrior who wielded it, Mace Windu. We will unravel the mystery and know the story behind Mace Windu’s purple saber.

Purple sabers are considered to be the most iconic and unique color sabers from Star Wars. If you mix red and blue you get purple. The saber’s color is gotten from a mixture of red and blue and the color of the ­­­­­­­­­­­ relationship with the name of the wielder. Generally, purple color represents swift, intense, and flexible movements. So the purple saber was ideal for people fitting these criteria. People who wield purple sabers tend to work in solitude.

Before we dive deeper into why Mace Windu’s saber was purple, let us first familiarize ourselves with the history and origin of Mace Windu and his purple saber. Visit Artsabers to find the best sabers today.

History and Origin of Mace Windu saber

From when Star Wars began until 1995, fans had only known the three colors of a saber. These were red which meant evil, green which meant good, and blue for Obi-wan Kenobi saber. Purple sabers began to be introduced in the film in 1995. Samuel L. Jackson who acted as Mace Windu defied all odds when he came in with a purple saber mace windu in the form of a Jedi warrior.

It all started when Mace Windu began to have visions of overextension in the Force. The visions also helped him see a glimpse of what was ahead in his life. This means that he saw the saber that he would ultimately use. Little did he know that this would be a cause of concern to the Jedi council because he could not build a replica of the weapon he saw in his visions. Windu’s dreams were not shattered when he learned that he did not have the materials to construct his saber. When he was fourteen years, he requested a true challenge that would help him retrieve the materials and essential parts to build his saber. Later Windu set a course for a planet called Hurikane. On arrival, he found hostile owners who wanted to drive him away but he was able to use the Force to get the upper hand. At one point, he shattered one of the natives but rebuilt him successfully. The natives then thanked Windu by giving him an amethyst-colored saber crystal. He then used it to construct his purple saber in Star Wars.

After that Windu was recognized as a senior Jedi council member so he was tasked with constructing the second purple color saber. Windu did not take anything to chance. He constructed it with the greatest of qualities and focused on craftsmanship. The weapon was composed of an electrum polish that was only available to the most senior members. The second saber went into action during the clone Wars. It served Windu well up to the point he died.

How was the Purple saber Created?

  • Standard Purple saber

After the successful duplication of the geological structure of the natural crystals, a standard synthetic crystal was initiated. Standard crystals usually set a general formula that enables them to build a powerful saber blade. This is unlike natural crystals. The standard crystals also often display a red hue. However, the synthetic crystal blades had the uncommon ability to break the blade of any standard saber by overwhelming the matrix of energy which immediately shuts down the saber. Something else to mention is that the sabers built from synthetic crystals were generally immobile and less stable too compared to the natural crystal blades.

  • Compressed Purple saber

Compressed purple synthetic crystals were created when the recreation of the natural geological process that produced crystals failed. It is a very tricky process, so without proper understanding or a minor miscalculation results in something else apart from what you originally intended. So, the crystal that was produced when the process failed, is way more compressed. This results in a thinner saber blade compared to the typical ones. The good thing is that with a thin blade, accuracy and control are heightened. So how could one spot a saber blade? Other visual signs of a blade made from compressed crystals were the waves of energy that went along the length of the blade at regular intervals.

  • Unstable

Just like compressed crystals were brought about by the failure of proper duplication of the natural formation processes, unsteady crystals were caused by the initial failure to accurately replicate the natural crystal formation methods. Normally some saber blades were unsteady, but the blades from unsteady crystals were overly unsteady. This resulted in the blades frizzling due to the energy being inconsistent in the interim. Occasionally, sparks flare and electrical energy streaks walk the length of the cable. However, the unsteady synthetic crystals result in extra loss as compared to the usual when they touch the enemies. saber blades made from unstable crystals were more likely to short out, thus deactivating it temporarily.

Famous Characters That Yielded Power from a Purple saber

The Star Wars film had so many characters who wielded different kinds of sabers which had different colors. Therefore, it is a strenuous activity trying to go through all of them with their saber colors. Instead, let us see some of the characters who had purple saber star wars.

  • An’ya Kuro:

Kuro was a mysterious and force-sensitive human. She was the master of the Jedi Order. there are numerous achievements that she made in her life. One of her unforgettable experiences includes attaining an everlasting awareness as a Force Ghost after she died. She was also the master of Jon Antilles, Ki-Adi-Mundi, A’sharad Hett, and Aurra Sing. The Jedi Order also had spies that spied throughout the clone wars. Kuro was one of them. Additionally, she was frequently appointed by the Jedi High Council to teach the ways of the Force to hard trainees.

  • Jaina Solo Fel:

Jania was also a master of the Jedi Order. She too had amazing numerous accomplishments. She founded the convert group going by the name Darkmeld. She trained at the Jedi Praxeum. Jania served as a member of the Jedi High Court. She also worked as a Rogue Squadron pilot in the New republic army. Lastly, she was a member of the Skywalker family and a powerful force user. This enabled her to display telekinetic and force lightning skills.

  • Mace Windu:

Mace Windu was super perfect with the Force abilities. He wielded the power with so much ease. Windu was a master of Depa Billaba. He was also a leader of the Jedi during the clone wars. Additionally, Windu was a Jedi general in the grand army of the republic. he too served as a member of the Jedi High Court and was a Jedi master. Windu was known to be very courageous. When attacked by an enemy or when in a fight, he would resort to defensive methods. For instance, in addition to his attacking powers, he usually deflected incoming blaster fire from an overwhelming number of enemies.

What are Some of the Interesting Facts About Purple sabers?

The director of Star Wars, George Lucas, thought of introducing a narrator early on in the production of the original trilogy to assist in conveying the difficult backstories. Later, he opted to transform it into a multi-movie franchise. before he did that, he created a figure who would serve as the story’s narrator. Mace Windu was to become this character in the prequel trilogy. Additionally, before his removal, he was shortly reviewed as Princess Leia’s brother and Luke Skywalker’s friend.

The sole condition of actor Samuel L. Jackson to appear in George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel was that he got the purple saber. Determined as he always is, he wanted to make his character stand out. Lucas did not stop him. He was excited about the idea of Jackson being in his trilogy that he was ready to let go of his precise vision and give him the purple saber. Huge battles took place later, like the Geonosis sequence in Attack of the Clones which went a long way in fulfilling Jackson’s desire of having a standing-out character. There were many strong Jedi warriors but you could not miss to recognize him through the crowd.

Mace Windu’s saber had a disastrous end. During the fight between Mace, Palpatine, and Anakin, Mace fell out of the window to his death. His saber too fell with him and got lost.


The purple color of the saber alludes to moral ambiguity, reconstruction, and healing. This made those who wielded a purple saber have a strong connection to both the Light and Dark sides of the Force. Purple color is a combination of good and evil. The majority of Star Wars characters were too loyal to one side or the other to wield such a weapon. Visit Artsabers to find the best sabers today.