Jedi Back To Basics With An Iconic Lightsaber Duel In The Acolyte

Jedi Back To Basics With An Iconic Lightsaber Duel In The Acolyte

Lightsabers are an iconic part of Star Wars: "an elegant weapon for a more civilized age." 

It is one of the most feared weapons in the galaxy and is historically associated with the battles between Jedi and Sith. So, it's an essential piece for a merch-collecting fan. That's all about to change with The Acolyte, set more than 100 years before the Prequels. 

Teased in a new series clip, fans got their first look at a series that pits Amandla Stenberg's Mae, a seemingly dangerous assassin, against Carrie Ann Moss' Jedi Master Indara. Here is the clip:

One Of The Best Duels In Star Wars Canon

Indara is more combative than most Jedi because Moss is an action star. Her lightsaber is not even touched when Mae threatens her life; instead, she dodges Mae's blows until she has no other option but to swing her weapon.

It's most apparent in the High Republic era, where The Acolyte unfolds. As Charles Soule said in the novel Light of the Jedi, "Lightsabers were created to end disputes. They were designed to injure no more than necessary, and in the horrible circumstance where death was the only possible outcome, they would kill quickly." That practice fell out of favour later in both the Star Wars timeline and now, whenever a lightsaber comes out, the odds are good that at least a dozen hapless grunts will lose their lives. But The Acolyte Looks Like a Welcome Return to Basics. 

The Acolyte's story is set to change how we look at the Sith and a reminder of what the Jedi are really about. Recently, 'Star Wars: The Acolyte' had a trailer released a couple of days ago and promised a lot of action, with Leslye Headland, the creator, pitching ‘The Acolyte' as 'Frozen' meets 'Kill Bill.'

For the first time, ' The Acolyte' presents Jedi as beings vastly superior in numbers to Sith. According to actress Dafne Keen, who will play the role of Jecki Lon in the show, the action that is bound to take place will surpass some of the greatest moments in the franchise.

The Show will premiere on the Disney+ platform on June 4th, 2024.