Star Wars Creator George Lucas Turns 80, Receives A Touching Tribute

Star Wars Creator George Lucas Turns 80, Receives A Touching Tribute

Star Wars creator George Lucas is overwhelmed with heartwarming wishes on his 80th birthday.  

Finally, our beloved maker of Star Wars has reached a milestone. 

It’s hard to imagine a world without the Sith, Jedi, Spacecrafts, Star Wars galaxy, and lightsabers that beckon to the Force. The vision and imagination of the Star Wars creator opened up a door to a new galaxy: A galaxy filled with light and dark energy, Force, warriors, and, ultimately, hope for the Jedi. 

George received many wishes from fans, including Mark Hamill, who paid tribute to the director of his big movie break. Additionally, Hamill spotlighted the Star Wars mastermind with a few photos, saying: 

“For George: 🎂 You changed the world. You changed modern cinema. And you changed my life..... FOREVER.”

Rosario Dawson, a newcomer to the Star Wars franchise, wishes while showing gratitude to the maker for the opportunity.

Over 45 years of Star Wars history, it has come a long way from finding suitable characters that anybody could hardly fit into, like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul, to creating history-making cinematics and influencing pop culture. 

He never fails to inspire his fans, whether through his movies, visions, or philanthropic efforts. Even after his retirement in January 2012, he still engages in his charitable family foundation. 

May the Force always be with you, George.