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For Light Dueling, Perfect for Display

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      Katana Lightsaber Replicas Online for Sale - ARTSABERS

      Remember former Sith apprentice Lola from the animated anthology series? If you do, you must have seen the battle between Lola and her former Sith Master. She possesses a dual katana lightsaber with both a red side and a yellow side.

      Imagine a Katana lightsaber in the Star Wars universe. The blade, inspired by the Samurai lightsaber, is an incredible combination of form and function.

      How about getting your hands on a Katana lightsaber replica? Sounds great. Isn’t it? 

      Discover a collection of sabers inspired by the Star wars Katana lightsaber. 

      ARTSABERS Katana Lightsaber Replicas - Features

      We don’t offer you some ordinary replicas. They are more than just replicas. They connect with you on an emotional level. 

      At ARTSABERS, you find a Katana lightsaber for sale that is attractive and useful - perfect for displaying and dueling purposes. 

      Inspired by the Star Wars lightsaber, our Katana saber replica comes with tons of exciting features - ranging from 11 interchangeable colors and 12 custom sound fonts. It is backed by a battery of 4000mAh, which means lots of fun for hours without interruption. 

      If you are into dueling, you find these blades perfect for your needs. Our Katana replicas feature a polycarbonate blade, metal hilt, and smooth swing. 

      And, in case you want a katana lightsaber for only displaying purposes, our lightsaber replica collection has some of the most real-like replicas. 

      Buy Your Katana Saber Replica Online Now

      Are you dreaming of getting a Katana lightsaber? Make it a reality now. 

      Browse our collection of Katana saber replicas, and find the perfect blade for you. 

      Not just Katana, you find a huge collection of lightsaber replicas that are inspired by Star Wars lightsabers - from Darksaber to Luke’s saber and others.

      Buy now! May the Force Be With You!


      1. What are Katana Lightsabers?

      Inspired by the Samurai lightsaber, Katana Lightsabers are a combination of form and function. They are lightsaber replicas that are designed to look like katanas, a type of Japanese sword. ARTSABERS sells Katana Lightsaber replicas that come in a variety of colors and feature sound fonts. Some of their replicas are designed for dueling, while others are made for display purposes.

      2. What are Katana Sabers inspired by?

      Katana Sabers from Artsabers are inspired by the iconic design of traditional Japanese katana swords. They blend this aesthetic with the technology of lightsabers, creating unique collectibles for enthusiasts and cosplayers alike.

      3. Do Katana Sabers come with sound effects?

      Yes, Katana Sabers from ARTSABERS is equipped with sound effects, enhancing the experience of wielding them. Each saber features customizable sound effects to further immerse users in their cosplay or collectible experience.

      4. Do Katana Sabers require batteries?

      Yes, Katana Sabers from ARTSABERS require batteries to power their LED blades and sound effects. They typically use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for convenient use during cosplay and display.

      5. Are there different blade colors available for Katana Sabers?

      Yes, Artsabers offers Katana Sabers with customizable blade colors.


      • Choose from a variety of vibrant hues to personalize your saber.
      • Select your preferred color to match your cosplay or aesthetic preferences.
      • Enjoy the flexibility to switch between colors for different occasions.