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Looking for Plo Koon Orange Lightsabers That Symbolize Power and Style? Introducing Orange Lightsabers

Are you a Star Wars fan and you’re looking for a lightsaber that is not just powerful but makes a unique and stylish statement? Then Artsabers have got you covered with lightsabers that will bring Star Wars to life. We have an exciting range of lightsabers, including the ever-popular orange light saber.

In the Star Wars world, an orange lightsaber is a distinctive and rare symbol of mastery, connection to the Force, and power. Boasting of energetic and bright colors, these sabers stand out in a crowd of red Sith lightsabers and the more common green and blue lightsabers.

As a Jedi Order, or the Sith fan, or just a special character on your own, nothing beats lightsaber orange in expressing your connection to the Force and your personality. So, let’s dive in and learn everything about orange lightsabers from Artsabers.

The Connection Between the Color Orange and Orange Lightsabers

The color orange is usually associated with excitement, energy, and passion, and may represent the personality of a jedi with orange lightsaber.

Orange is among the less common lightsaber colors and it boasts of a distinctive symbolic and cultural significance in the Star Wars world.

Compared to other lightsaber colors like green and blue, orange lightsabers are not as common. Such rarity may mean character wielding orange lightsabers have mastered multiple Force abilities or have a special connection to the Force.

Apart from the cultural significance of orange lightsabers, the symbolic significance can be different among distinctive characters. For some it may represent hope, a desire for peace and a commitment to justice.

However, for others it may mean ambition and greed for power. Therefore, the symbolism represented by an orange lightsaber is as special as the person wielding it.

Apart from serving as a weapon, they also serve as symbols of the wielders connection to the Force in addition to reflecting their abilities and personalities.

The First Star Wars Character with an Orange Lightsaber

An orange lightsaber was first wielded by Jedi Master Plo Koon.  In Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. Hailing from the planet Dorin, he was belonged to the Kel Dor species, and was a highly esteemed member of the Jedi Order and had a deep connection to the Force.

Plo Koon orange lightsaber reflected his connection to the Force and his personality.

Other Star Wars Characters with Orange Lightsabers

There are other characters in the further Star Wars Legends wielding orange lightsabers, including:

  • In the comic series, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: War, the Mandalorian Knights use orange lightsabers.
  • In the video game Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, Kyle Katarn uses an orange lightsaber designed by the Dark Jedi Yun.
  • Another character wielding an orange lightsaber is Master Yaddle, a Jedi Council member who comes from the same species Yoda. Although her lightsaber is green in the prequel trilogy, she uses an orange saber in the comic book Star Wars 15: Emissaries to Malastare, Part 3.

Factors to Consider When Buying Orange Lightsabers

When ordering orange lightsabers, it pays to consider some crucial aspects to ensure you get the best product. Here are some of them:

  • Quality

Always buy lightsabers built to last and designed from superior-quality materials. Settle for replicas manufactured from sturdy lightweight materials like plastic or metal.

  • Accuracy

As a Star Wars fan, you would want a lightsaber replica that is as accurate as it can be. Go for lightsaber replicas made with the same design in mind as the original sabers in the Star Wars films.

  • Price

Orange lightsabers come in different prices, based on the accuracy and quality. While you should find a lightsaber that suits your budget, also ensure it’s not so dirt-cheap that its quality is likely to be inferior.

  • Light and Sound Effects

Chances are high that you are looking for a realistic and genuine star wars orange lightsaber experience. Therefore, it is vital to buy replicas with genuine Star Wars sound effects and bright LED lighting.

  • Customer Service

Always buy from a company with a stellar reputation as far as customer service goes. In this way, you will get professional and courteous assistance in case of any issues with your lightsaber.

  • Brand Reputation

It is in your best interest to buy your orange lightsaber from a respected brand like Artsabers to guarantee you get a quality product.

Why You Should Order Your Blood Orange Lightsaber From Artsabers

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How to Get an Orange Lightsaber in Jedi Fallen Order

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Despite how rare they are, orange lightsaber are undoubtedly an iconic part of the Star Wars world and fans of the franchise love them to bits.

With their special symbolic and cultural significance, these lightsabers have defined the motivations and personalities of characters wielding them. Whether wielded by a Sith, a Jedi, or even yourself, an orange lightsaber represents a deep connection to the Force, mastery, and power.