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Star Wars Lightsaber Colors and the Meaning behind Them

Imagine holding a blade of pure light, with all the legacy, glory, and power it represents. That’s a Star Wars lightsaber for you! From Mace Windu purple lightsaber, Anakin Skywalker’s blue lightsabers, and many others.

Ever asked yourself why all episodes of Star Wars, keeping in mind the sheer range of Star Wars mythology, has lightsabers in varying capacities? The simple answer to these questions all Star Wars fans have at one time or another dreamt of having lightsabers like purple saber of their own.

Lightsaber colors are amazingly personal. They come in an exciting array of colors and they all mean something deliciously symbolic. So, when you decide to order your Star Wars lightsaber from Artsabers, it pays to know what each color means and who wielded them. Strap yourselves for the ride and let the lightsabers clash!

Purple Double Bladed Lightsabers

White Double Bladed Lightsaber

According to the story, Samuel L. Jackson, or Mace Windu if you like, specifically asked for a star wars purple lightsaber to stand out in a crowded Jedi battle featured in the Attack of the Clones.

Purple is a mix of red and blue, and this is represented in Mace Windu’s heart- a principled guardian who is proactive but also haunted by a darkness that he is consistently trying to fight, rooted on the edge between both sides of the Force.

Windu’s admirable discipline hides the constant temptation to surrender to the thrill of battle and dispatch the enemies of the Jedi with finality for true peace to come to the Galaxy.

However the truth is that it’s the links to the Dark Side, coupled with the light Windu must consistently bolster within him to fight its pull that makes him so powerful. Therefore, you can confidently say that just like the double bladed purple lightsaber, Windu was fighting a two-edged battle. The color purple in a nutshell, represents a Jedi trying incredibly hard to be the shepherd.

 Red Lightsabers for Sale

Notable wielders: Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Darth Sidious

Red has mostly been associated with bad guys, and it has been like that since 1977, when Darth Vader showed up with it.

There are two remarkable stories on the origin of red lightsabers, and both tell something special regarding why red is deeply connected with the Sith’s tradition.

In past Legends tales, red lightsabers often indicated the presence of artificial lightsaber crystal since the order tightly controlled the genuine ones.

Hence, red lightsabers don’t necessarily portend evil, but the color of someone who doesn’t belong. In other words, a Force user required to follow their own path outside the controlled system.

Therefore, red here doesn’t portray a villain, but a rebellious character who bucks tradition.

The other more recent story about the origin of the red color is more spine-chilling. Included in the trials to become a Sith, the wielder was supposed to reach inside a lightsaber, corrupt it, attune it to the Dark Side, and bleed it until its original color was replaced by a fearful red.

So, according to this explanation, red represents corruption, pointing to the tragic downfall of Darth Vader.

 Blue Double Bladed Lightsaber

Notable wielders: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker

Among the Jedi, blue ranks among the most traditional lightsaber color. Blue initially appeared in A New Hope, on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker’s lightsabers. In LucasFilm canonical stories in the 90s until Disney restructured the Star Wars mythology in 2014, lightsabers came in every color imaginable, from silver to orange.

However, one thousand years before the events of the films took place, a Sith War severely depleted crystals available to mainly blue and green. Interestingly, even in the ‘decanonized’ period, now called ‘Legends’, the Jedi Order boasted lightsabers in yellow, green, and blue.

Typically, blue lightsabers were the hallmark of archetypal Jedi Guardians, who were true knights who valued their proactive roles as the guardian’s champions of light.

Blue represented heroes, and wielders of blue lightsabers fought against evil and righted injustices wherever they found them. So, as you wield your blue lightsaber, picture yourself as Knight of the Jedi, vanquishing evil and fighting for what’s right!

Green Lightsaber for Sale

Notable wielders: Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Qui-Gon Jinn

Luke Skywalker built himself a green lightsaber in The Return of the Jedi representing the path he set for himself beyond the knightly blue lightsaber his father gave him.

Also, the green color has roots to the training he underwent with Yoda on the planet Dagobah. It represents his openness to wisdom and his awareness of the living force which eluded him on a barren planet.

Interestingly, Skywalker’s most notable victory wasn’t on the battlefield but successfully building a powerful connection with Darth Vader, which brought him back into the light.

Consequently, you can say that green doesn’t represent heroism or battle but opening up to the Force and understanding its mysteries. In other words, green lightsabers are for people who see their role in the order as more contemplative and monastic rather than heroic and proactive.

In the same way that blue was a favorite of Jedi Guardians, the Jedi Consular preferred green, which was a scholarly path, and who resorted to using lightsabers as a last option.

Yellow Lightsaber for Sale

Notable wielders: Rey Skywalker, Jedi Temple Guards, and Asajj Ventresss

Though not seen in the original trilogy, yellow is common across Star Wars stories narrated outside of the films. Yellow once represented the balance between the extremes of blue and green.

Any Jedi sentinel with a yellow lightsaber clearly knew there were times that called for contemplation and studying the mysteries of the Force, and times that called for action.

Sentinels were obviously increasingly pragmatic compared to other Jedi, and they valued practical skills and knowledge as supplementary to prowess with a lightsaber and knowledge of the Force.

In other words, it was the ideal color for Rey Skywalker, a Jakku scavenger who’d ultimately achieve her destiny as The Last Jedi.

Jedi Temple Guards also wielded yellow sabers and their main mandate was to guard the traditions, sacred sites, and secrets held so dear by the Jedi.

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Notable wielders: The Mandalorian, Tarre Viszla, and Sabine Wren

While the Darksaber technically has Jedi roots, is means a lot to a wholly different group in the Galaxy-the Mandalorian tradition.

Made by Tarre Viszla, an ancient Mandalorian, it’s the sole black bladed lightsaber. It has grown to be a symbol of leadership and strength among the exceedingly principled Mandalorians.

Whoever truly came by this saber and wields has the right to lead the Mandalorians to future glory and dictate their path.

On the flipside, the wielder also holds the power to lead them into damnation and ruin if they prove unworthy. So, if you know deep in your heart that ‘This is the way’, then the black lightsaber is perfect for you.

 White Double Bladed Lightsaber

Notable wielders: Imperial Knights, Ahsoka Tano

Before Disney restructured the Star Wars mythology, there was the Legacy era where prose and comics told stories more than a century following the original film trilogy. In these stories, imperial Knights wielded white lightsabers. These blades represented allegiance to none of the sides of the Force but to the morally agnostic beliefs of the Empire Reborn.

After departing from the Jedi Order, Ahsoka Tano wielded a white lightsaber and this represented something deeper.

The brilliant white lightsaber can only come into existence after purifying a corrupted red lightsaber back to the light. In this way, the blade doesn’t transform into its original color but it ascends into an entirely new form.

A white lightsaber represents actualization, having been in the dark and rising above it.


You may not perceive colors like the next person since the feelings and emotions you associate with colors are unique to you. Therefore, selecting a lightsaber color is really all about what resonates most with your personal preferences.