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What You Must Know About Our Lightsabers

There are only very few weapons cooler than lightsabers in science fiction. A sword created by plasma can cut most things and produces a cool sound when swinging it. This cool equipment is the best thing that Star Wars has offered for its enthusiasts worldwide. Some kids have used toy lightsabers or flashlights for fighting duels at home

Artsabers acts as a helping hand in connecting people to star wars weapons. We stock every type of lightsaber required by star wars fans worldwide. Our goal is to retail quality lightsaber red that gives enthusiasts a thrilling mock duel that appears real. Our products not only give satisfaction to customers after owning them, but they also guarantee value for money.

Star Wars lovers can get any red saber in our online store. Here are some of the things you should know about our lightsabers.

They are more than Swords

Our standard lightsaber is shaped like a traditional sword, but its technology has been modified by both the force's dark and light users. The most exotic lightsabers in our store have rare variations of the ‘lightwhip.’ This red and black lightsaber blade is created by strands of emitters originating from the handle. According to us, it is better than lightsabers with a single emitter in the handle.

Although it can attack from a distance and is unpredictable, it’s ineffective in defending the user. We also have other variations like “lightclubs” with extra large red lightsabers suitable for races of sentient beings that cannot use a normal saber and saber spikes with short blades and long handles.

Thrilling Dueling Experience

After buying the lightsaber, it is absurd to keep it as décor. Although some enthusiasts keep these weapons, it is better used for dueling. Most star wars enthusiasts love to use the red light sabre in duels. At Artsaber, we retail the best lightsabers that guarantee a thrilling dueling experience.

Our sabers emit attractive lights and produce the best sounds when clashing during duels. They make the mock duels real for star wars enthusiasts. You will love using them during fights with other enthusiasts.

They Use Battery Power

Our lightsabers use battery power. They are mounted with batteries that enable them to function for a whole day without any issues. In the past, people only used the red ultrasaber for ceremonies and aesthetics. They could dare use them for dueling because they drained battery power quickly. Many years of technological enhancements and refinements have made the lightsabers effective as combat weapons.

Our online store has stocked new technology red lightsaber for sale, which are energy efficient. Users can also replace drained batteries on the handle. So, you can engage in lengthier duels without encountering power problems.

Proven Durability

After investing your hard-earned money in this weapon, you will expect it to last. That is the only way of getting value from it. Our top priority has always been satisfying our clients needs. To achieve this goal, we retail highly durable lightsabers red. We go for quality sabers made of strong materials that can withstand pressure and intense hits. Our lightsabers can survive the most intense battles. That makes them a suitable investment for star wars fans.

Red Lightsaber can cut anything

Since our lightsabers have a controlled plasma blade, they can cut anything. That will depend on the force behind the swing and the time given for cutting. However, there are a few things it cannot cut. Unfortunately, most enemies of red light sabers exploit this weakness to their advantage. This weapon cannot slice through Mandalorian iron.

That explains why the Mandalorian bounty hunters like Boba Fett and Jango used it to make armor. Another material is the cortosis, which can short-circuit lightsabers. However, it is poisonous to touch, but it can be refined to create an effective armor against lightsabers. Another saber-resistant material is Phrik.

Customizable Red Lightsaber

Some of our clients love to purchase sabers used by their favorite Star Wars casts. However, we also know others prefer a customized lightsaber. Fortunately, we provide customizable sabers and guide you on how to get a red lightsaber. The customizable options allow users to choose the blade’s color and preferred sounds. They can also control the volume of the sound produced by the weapon.

These customizable lightsabers guarantee a better user experience by giving users more control. Our products have a user manual that guides our customers on better ways to explore the lightsaber’s potential.

It can be destroyed by Water

We always admonish our clients never to immerse the lightsaber in water. Water has a reputation for stopping this weapon despite its ability to cut through many things. Although a little rain will make the saber’s beam sizzle and steam, more water will completely damage it. Submerging this weapon in water will cause the blade to short-circuit. That will drastically reduce your lightsaber’s longevity. That explains why the Jedi of amphibious alien races had to use specially modified and designed lightsabers to fight in the water.

The Lightsaber’s Color determines its Color

We have discovered that most buyers go for lightsabers emitting their favorite colors. We also provide options that emit more than one color. That allows users to customize the color that suits them at a time. Star Wars fans would have noticed Jedi with blue or green and Sith with red lightsaber beams. However, it is important to know that the saber’s crystal determines the color it will emit. We have sabers that use small machinery, gems, and glass in place of the crystal to produce the colors fancied by the user. Our advanced lightsaber has more attributes besides the colors that add to its aesthetic appeal.


Our clients won’t risk losing anything by choosing to shop with us. We always protect them from any loss as they purchase our lightsabers. Artsabers offers a warranty for every saber acquired by our clients. That protects them from buying faulty lightsabers. They can return these products if they detect any issues within the warranty period. We can choose to repair or replace the weapon depending on its problem.

Artsabers is a renowned online store selling Star Wars fans the best weapons. We strive to deliver high-quality products worth our clients’ investment. We are also among the first stores to retail technologically advanced lightsabers. Visit our website to check the remarkable sabers on offer. You can contact us for more information.