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For Light Dueling, Perfect for Display

    Neopixel Blades

    Get the ultimate dueling experience with a Neopixel blade lightsaber from our collection of neopixel blades. Browse our selection of Neopixel sabers to discover a wide variety of blades in different styles. Whether you’re a warrior of the light side fighting to uphold what’s right or you’re drawn to the power of the dark side, you’re sure to find a lightsaber that suits you right here.

    Buy a Neopixel kit with blade for the ultimate dueling experience. You’ll get a Neopixel lightsaber blade with 11 interchangeable colors. Simply rotate your saber to change the colors. Our neopixel blades feature a realistic smooth swing as well as high-quality sound. Our kits will transport you to that galaxy far away.
    Whether you’re looking for a lightsaber for a realistic cosplay look, want to add to your collection of lightsabers or are looking for your next battle weapon, you can’t go wrong with our neopixel lightsabers. Get the perfect neopixel lightsaber for sale right here at a great price.