Fiction Just Got Real

Fiction Just Got Real

Today entertainment is getting better with the ever-growing imagination of the brilliant minds behind the production teams. New ideas are being fueled into the real world from the film industry. Film developers nowadays are known to think outside the ordinary and seem to be ahead of time in their creative way of making sense of the existing scientific theories. One of the most intriguing ideas in the film industry is that of laser beam weapons. This kind of weapon has caught the attention of many people. It is fascinating to see how the characters in the films wield the weapons with ease and the kind of victories worn as a result of such weapons.

The most popular laser beam weapon is the lightsaber which is featured in the popular film star wars. The lightsaber has become one of the most widely recognized elements of the Star Wars franchise. In 2008, a survey of approximately 2,000 film fans found it to be the most popular weapon in film history. This confirms the impact of the lightsaber on the selling rate of the film. With the impact of the lightsaber on the fans of the star war films in mind we have decided to make the experience more fascinating by designing the lightsabers for you. You can get yours by following the Artsabers. This cosplay gear will step up your view on the fantastic idea brought out by the film developers. For the best experience in your adventure with the lightsaber, you will need to have an idea of the various types of lightsabers available and the character attached to each.

The lightsaber is the weapon of a more civilized age and is seen to be wielded by the Jedi in the film Star Wars. It is powerful with more advantages than the ordinary sword for not only can it be used to attack an enemy but also to cut barriers built of brass one of the hardest metal. Defense is important in a battle and the lightsaber can act effectively as a shield to block the enemy's blows. It is developed from the kyber crystal which determines its color. The wilder comes up with the lightsaber hilt which makes it unique. The model of lightsaber has varied with time but the single blade is the most common, other models are the double-bladed lightsaber and the cross guard which are available at artsabers. Including the double bladed Purple lightsaber. Among the lightsabers developed the purple lightsaber stands out not only because of the character who wields it but also because of its power.

The Purple lightsaber is a unique weapon that has not featured much in the Starwars series compared to the blue and green lightsabers. But who wields the purple lightsaber? In the current canon, only Mace Windu is known to Wield the purple lightsaber. Mace Windu features in Lego Starwars the video game and the complete saga together with lego Starwars III the Clone War.

Mace Windu constructed his lightsaber in his youth. He was an experienced warrior. The purple lightsaber is of high standards as it took the finest warrior among the Jedi time, experience, and skills to construct it. The purple lightsaber has been quite an investment for Windu he treasured it and wielded it with pride in his conquests. It was a struggle for Windu to have the purple lightsaber, he almost gave up. But he discovered that it is the force that bound the particle together through him. This made him the weapon instead of the lightsaber. The weapon elements could only fit in from the force of the Jedi constructing the weapon. This means that a lightsaber is part of the owner so you should relate to the choice of your lightsaber. Windu's purple lightsaber has a special design handgrip and a unique blade color which signify Windu's status among the Jedi. The royalty has got to be unique and that is why purple lightsabers have got to be your choice.

In the cause of the war, the purple lightsaber buy fell in the wrong hands and was dismantled. Windu was taken captive at this time. The dismantled pieces were displayed by Kyossk to Guattako when Windu was taken before the warlord. It had not crossed Guattako's mind that this captivity saga was in line with Windu's plans. He thought that the lightsaber is the strength of a Jedi but he was wrong. Windu proves him wrong when he sent a signal to his comrades through the force with which he had used to construct the lightsaber. All this plan was to find the insurgent's camp. The plan's success took the brave Jedi Mace Windu and the mastery of his weapon. On recovery, he reassembled his purple lightsaber by using his telekinetic powers. In the bid for his freedom, he used his lightsaber to fight Guattako's men and finally engaged in single combat with Guattako himself. Guattako fell on the hands of one of his captives, a youngling, who killed him with a blast shot to the back. Either way, Mace Windu was taking the day in single combat. The way he wields his lightsaber in this specific combat confirms the superiority of his combat skills and his lightsaber

One of the other fantastic scenes where Windu expresses his superior skills and the might of his lightsaber is on the eve of the first battle of Geonosis. Mace Windu led a team of Jedi warriors intending to rescue the Jedi night Obi-one Kenobi. It took a battle between the Jedi and a force of battle droids. In the battle, Windu engages Jango Fett, a bounty hunter who was working for the separatist leader count Dooku as a paid mercenary. Despite the brutality of the mercenary Windu managed to tame him and finally deflected his blast shot and killed Fett by severing his head using the blade of his lightsaber. Other events are like the one in which Windu led the newly formed clone army against the separatist Droid army. In all these battles the purple lightsaber played a key role.

In the events of the clone war when Windu was a general. He is shown to wield the purple lightsaber on frequent occasions such as the battle of Ryloth and the battle of Malstare. A discovery is made by the Jedi concerning the republic's leader, supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine that indeed he was the Darth Sidious who had infiltrated the ranks and had deceived them to be a friend. The dark lord of the smith had evil intentions to destroy the Jedi and take over the Galaxy. Windu tried to bring Sidious down with no success. This called for action which led to the death of three of Windu's friends. But he finally managed to fight Sidious and he disarmed him.

The battle was not the end of Sidious. He attacked Windu with a blast of force lightning. This called for extreme action which involved Windu blocking the lightning using his purple lightsaber. The obstacle redirected the lightning back to the source disfiguring Sidious' face. This allows Wendi a chance to take down Sidius forever but before he makes his ultimate move. He is betrayed by a Jedi knight Anakin skywalker who uses his weapon to cut Windu's hand saving Sidious' life. The hand falls alongside the purple lightsaber in the streets of Coruscant. This meant a great blow for the Jedi master, Mace Windu, allowing Sidious to recover. With this advantage, he unleashed a torrent of force lightning bringing an end to the great Jedi general. He died a warrior.

Did you know how Windu's lightsaber came to be purple? It was the actor portraying Windu, Samuel L. Jackson, who requested the purple lightsaber. Purple has been his favorite color. If Samuel L. Jackson ranks as one of your favorite actors you have a chance to honor him by having your purple lightsaber. It first appeared in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, It has been  Mace Windu's weapon since then. Now you know.

But recent Star Wars novels and comics have explored the High Republic Era, centuries before the prequel trilogy. Purple lightsabers seem to have been much more common in the High Republic Era, a time when the Jedi do not seem to have been quite so afraid of the dark. There are some other Jedi who wielded purple lightsabers in Legends. In some cases, these characters have indeed been incorporated into the canon. They are Ki-Adi-Mundi, who was shown wielding a purple lightsaber in Dark Horse's Star Wars, Sometimes known as the Dark Woman, An'ya Kuro was a Jedi who took the teachings of non-attachment to an extreme, Another prequel era Jedi, J'Mikel, was seen using a purple, One final character of note is Sinya, a Twi'lek who worked for Black Sun before the prequel era. Although Sinya was not Force-sensitive, she wielded two purple shoto lightsaber blade

To conclude the purple lightsaber is a clear indication of human balance in life. Purple is a mixture of blue and red shows a mixture of light and darkness. It is a struggle for Windu to keep hold of the inner dark side within him. How best he can control the darkness within him counts for his success. This reminds me that ignorance is the greatest weakness of man. If Windu ignored the dark side within him he would not have stood Long. That makes the purple saber my favorite for it shows the complete nature of man and reminds us to work on our weaknesses. With this in mind, you can choose a purple lightsaber as your favorite lightsaber. Get your favorite lightsaber now by following the Artsabers.