A Beginner Guide On How to Choose The Correct Belt Clip for a Light Saber

A Beginner Guide On How to Choose The Correct Belt Clip for a Light Saber

A belt clip for a saber is a free-hanging saber display attachment that may be placed on a shelf, table, or any other flat surface, or you can also hang it on a belt so that you can move around with your dueling saber. Although some sellers use metal, wood, or other materials to make saber supports, artsabers.com uses acrylic. Even though some manufacturers offer high-end lit stands with LED light isn’t the hilt, the bulk of stands isn’t illuminated. So when shopping for a new saber stand, consider the following three factors: size, stability, and style.

The Size of Your Dueling Light Saber You Intend to Place in Your Light Saber Belt Clip

For instance, if you want to carry your let’s say phantom FX saber make sure the measurements of the saber belt clip match the proportions of the hilt you're displaying. The artsabers.com saber stand has the benefit of being able to support practically any size saber; however, the minimum length should be 7.5". Furthermore, the hilt-supporting stand forks have a considerable diameter, allowing the stand to accommodate both small and large diameter hilts.

The Stability of Your Light Saber Belt Clip

You may have noticed that all of the sabers belt clips in the videos have solid bases and are remarkably steady, right? On several of the stands, a wide surface area base is utilized, but the artsabers.com saber stand has a triangular base. Take nothing for granted when it comes to saber stands. Because the base of the stand isn't always fully level on the bottom, vertical stands, in particular, maybe a little wobbly at times due to design. So before purchasing the stand for your phantom force FX saber, read product reviews and ask the vendor detailed questions if you have any concerns about its stability. You don't want your saber to fall to the ground, of course. To avoid this we at artsabers.com encourage you to look for a stable belt clip for saber so that you can safely secure your sabers while you are on the move.

Choose the Correct Style for a Light Saber Belt Clip that Matches Your Light Saber

This process can be a headache but choosing a style for your phantom force FX saber belt clip could be as simple as choosing a vertical stand over the more common horizontal belt clip for a saber.