Darth Vader

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      Darth Vader Saber Replica From ARTSABERS


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      Vader Exposed Kybercrystal Neopixel Saber


      Who is Darth Vader  

      Vader took its unwavering presence in the first-ever Star Wars movie Episode IV: A New Hope

      His appearance, clad in black armor, a floating cloak, and a vented helmet, was enough to shatter even the bravest heroes of the saga. 

      Darth Sidious, disguised as Palpatine, manipulates Anakin and encourages him to turn toward the dark side of the Force, thus becoming Darth Vader. He took advantage of Anakin’s weakness after losing his mother.

      Which Lightsaber Does Darth Vader Use?

      After switching his side from Jedi to Sith, Darth Vader used two blades. 

      • Blue Blade: After joining the dark side, Vader continues to use the blue blade he used during the Clone Wars. However, He loses the possession of the weapon on Mustafar to Obi-Wan Kenobi. 
      • Crimson Blade: Vader constructs himself a crimson blade after losing the blue one. It’s a color highly favored by the Sith. The crimson blade symbolizes power, dominance, and the dark side of the Force. 

      Discover a Collection of Darth Vader Lightsaber Replica

      ARTSABERS features a collection of meticulously crafted replicas of the Darth Vader lightsaber - perfect for displaying and dueling purposes. Our blades have lots of exciting features - from interchangeable colors to custom sounds and so on.  

      Allow yourself to explore what lies within the dark side of the Force with the high-tech features. The features include:

      • Customization:- Personalize your blade with staggering interchangeable colors. Experience smooth color transitions and brightness control.  
      • Ultimate Sound Control:- Play with various sound fonts. Let your fighting style synchronize with your blade’s sound fonts, creating a realistic feeling of involvement in an intense battle. 
      • Impressive Design:- Become the Chosen One. Feel the solidity of the hilt, which offers a confident grip, channeling your inner warrior. 
      • Star Wars Inspired Blade:-  Get the Star Wars Darth Vader-inspired blade,  meticulously designed with intricate craftsmanship to perfectly capture the essence and appearance of Vader's legendary weapon.

      Dominate the battlefield with unwavering control, owning a blade that defines the power and Force of Darth Vader.

      May the Force be with you!