Ezra Bridger

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      Bridger Neopixel Saber with Blade & Hard Case (34 Fonts, XenoPixel V3)


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      Ez 3rd Saber Neopixel Blade


      TXQ EZRA 2

      Ezra 2nd Saber Neopixel Blade Saber


      Who is Ezra Bridger

      Ezra Bridger, a Bokken Jedi, is a fighter and revolutionary leader in the early stages of rebellion. He made his first live-action appearance in Ahsoka Episode 6: Far, Far Away. 

      Bridger grew up as an orphan on the streets of Lothal during the age of the Empire. The major change occurred when he encountered the Ghost crew fighting against the imperial regime. Since that time, his future has changed. 

      He successfully established himself as a fearless Jedi and learned invincible combat maneuvers after being trained under the mentorship of Kanan Jarrus. 

      What Lightsaber Does Ezra Use?

      He designs his unique blue blade that is different from other Jedi lightsabers. 

      It is  an unimaginable saber with many unique qualities, including a blaster in the hilt. This function of the blade hugely improves its handling of offensive and defensive situations. 

      Facts About Ezra Lightsaber

      In a duel with menacing Sith lord Darth Vader, Ezra loses his blade during the mission to Malachor. 

      He creates a new lightsaber with a green blade that features a black grip hilt and silver accents. 

      Explore the Collection of Ezra Bridger Lightsaber Replicas 

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      • Customization:- Change your blade’s color to 11 different astonishing colors. Enjoy seamless transitions between blade effects. 
      • Control blade brightness:- Have full control over the blade’s brightness and adjust it according to your needs.  
      • Change sound fonts:- Infuse your blade with realistic and high-quality sound fonts to feel a realistic involvement in a dueling adventure. 
      • Impressive Design:- Wield a highly aesthetic blade. Its meticulous design with detailed craftsmanship perfectly captures the essence of Briger’s blade. 
      • Durable blade:- Made with a metallic hilt, the blade promises durability and endurance against tough battles. 
      • Rechargeable blade:- Keep your blade's lifespan to the maximum with a rechargeable battery. 
      • Star Wars Inspired Blade:-  Get the Star Wars Ezra bridger-inspired blade at ARTSABERS.  

      Be like Ezra Bridger - strong, compensate, and a revolutionary leader. Explore the collection now and feel the solidity of the hilt. 

      May the Force be with you!