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Our Story

ARTSABERS, a global business originally founded in the Latvia, was created by a Star Wars fan who lived the fantasy for a long time. After spending many years as part of the fandom, we realized we want to contribute more to the many fans that are just like us. We discussed several ideas such as selling custom t-shirts and figurines. However, it came to our realization that nothing says Star Wars more than the iconic saber.

As longtime collectors of sabers we always found pricing is the main obstacle to collecting quality hilts. We were able to work with high quality manufacturers at more affordable rates and thus offer unbeatable designs, quality and experience to the fans like us at better prices. We also improve upon the delivery experience by keeping US stock and offering quick and free shipping. 


The biggest issue with purchasing high quality sabers is having a trustworthy vendor that will stand behind their products, answer customer inquiries and do their best to deliver as promised and set things right. As fans we experienced the opposite too many times. This is why we decided to provide a great saber purchasing experience to Star Wars fans everywhere.

It is our mission to ensure we sell high quality products, deliver great customer service before and after purchase and continue being part of the community.

We sell sabers that pack great features at fair prices. Our sabers boast color changing capabilities, up to 20 sound fonts, flash-on-clash, upgraded sound boards. But more than anything else, they are extremely durable and are great fun for young and mature fans alike. 

Our Mission

To provide the best sabers to the fans at fair prices with exemplary customer service and support. Our goal is to make our customers happy in the long run.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at artsabers@gmail.com

May The Force Be With You !



Legal Information :


Company Number 13964957

Contact email - support@artsabers.com

Company Address - 1942 Broadway, Suite 314C Boulder, Kington, CO 80302, USA