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For Light Dueling, Perfect for Display

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      Buy White Lightsabers Replicas Online at Artsabers

      Did you know Ahsoka's saber was white? 

      Ever found yourself daydreaming about engaging in saber duels with a white blade, just like your beloved Star Wars heroes?

      If yes, at Artsabers, we bring the iconic fantasy to life with our mesmerizing collection of replicas of white double bladed lightsabers.

      Forget the usual saber shops; Artsabers is your one-stop space hub, delivering a touch of Star Wars magic straight to you.

      So, what’s stopping you? Grab your hands on the exclusive white lightsaber replicas now at Artsabers!

      Check Our Collection of Star Wars White Lightsabers

      A haven for Star Wars fans, at Artsabers, you can explore our amazing collection of Star Wars white lightsaber replicas. 

      Our collection is nothing short of a saber wonderland where, with every click, you come closer to becoming the hero or villain you've always envisioned.

      The replicas of lightsabers are crafted with careful precision that'll have you feeling like a Jedi master in your own living room. Whether you are hunting for dupes for single or double bladed lightsabers, we’ve got it all!

      And guess what, the collection is available in different colors: red, green, blue, yellow, you name it! 

      The Beauty of Display for White Double Bladed Light Saber

      Ditch the reds and blues; pick the rarest of the rare: a replica of glow-tastic Star Wars lightsaber in white.

      Visually, white sabers are showstoppers! When a white saber lights up, it's like the whole scene pauses for a dramatic "wow" moment.

      Artsaber’s replicas of white lightsabers aren't just for show; they're your backstage pass to epic duels right in your living room. 

      From the impeccable design of the hilt to the radiant glow of the blade, every detail in our white lightsaber replica is sculpted with a fanatic's devotion to Star Wars. 

      Key Features of White Lightsaber

      Quality Craftsmanship

      Crafted with a sturdy metal hilt, our sabers are infused with lasting durability and a premium feel. 

      Rechargeable Powerhouse

      Powered by a rechargeable battery, your saber is not only environmentally friendly but also wallet-friendly.

      Infinite Color Possibilities

      Artsabers offers you their white lightsaber replicas in 11 gorgeous interchangeable colors, letting you customize your cosmic weapon as per your favorite Star Wars character.

      Adjustable Brightness Control

      Enjoy the flexibility of brightness efficiency switching, allowing you to adjust the luminosity according to your surroundings. Whether you're practicing in the dark or showcasing your saber in daylight, find the perfect glow.

      Cutting-Edge Technology

      Artsabers' white light saber replicas are on another level, bringing advanced features like flash-on-clash, blaster deflection, lock-up effects, and a flawlessly smooth swing motion.


      1. What is a white lightsaber?

      A white lightsaber is a rare blade color in Star Wars lore, symbolizing neutrality or independence in the Force.

      2. What are the symbolic meanings associated with white sabers?

      White lightsabers in Star Wars lore symbolize purity, balance, and redemption. They often represent characters who have overcome the dark side or have a strong connection to the Force.

      3. Who wields white lightsabers in star war lore?

      In Star Wars canon, the most well-known user of white sabers is Ahsoka Tano, a former Jedi who walked a more independent path.

      4. What is special about a white lightsaber?

      White lightsabers are special because they symbolize a unique connection with the Force. The color hints at neutrality (not Jedi or Sith) or forging one's own path, as seen with Ahsoka Tano's use.
      These rare blades represent a rejection of traditional alignments.