Stellan Gios

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      Stellan Gios Lightsaber Replica - Force FX Lightsaber - Heavy Dueling Lightsaber


      Who is Stellan Gios?

      Stellan Gios, a Jedi Master, holds a prominent position within the Jedi Order during the High Republic Era. 

      Having ascended the ranks of the Order, he is widely recognized as a formidable force during missions undertaken on behalf of both the Order and the Galactic Republic.

      In his own words - "This is what hope is. It isn't pretending that nothing will go wrong if only we try hard enough. It's looking squarely at all the obstacles in the way, knowing the limits of our own power, and the possibility of failure, and moving ahead anyway. This is how we must proceed. With hope." 

      Throughout the Star Wars Saga, Stellan is seen as a team leader with extreme patience.

      Lightsaber Wielded by Stellan Gios

      In all of Saga, he wielded two lightsabers:

      01. Blue-bladed crossguard lightsaber - Gios carries his lightsaber with a collapsible physical crossguard that retracts when the weapon is deactivated, secured in a lightsaber holster on his hip.

      02. Green lightsaber - The saber once owned by Rana Kant, his late master, was passed on to Padawan Bell Zettifar after the Padawan lost his saber during the Attack on Valo.

      What Makes Stellan’s Lightsaber Different?

      The very easy portability of this saber makes it different from other blades. The lightsaber boasting a cylindrical hilt is a striking combination of silver and black. 

      A physical crossguard was incorporated into the lightsaber's structure. This crossguard would extend to reinforce the smaller quillon beams whenever the saber was ignited but would retract when the weapon was deactivated, ensuring ease of transportation.

      Stellan Gios’s Lightsaber Collection at ARTSABERS

      At ARTSABERS, we have crafted a replica blade inspired by Stellan Gios’s saber with extreme attention to detail. 

      This blade is perfect for heavy dueling and will be freely shipped by ARTSABERS with a year-long warranty. 

      Available in five different blade sizes - 92cm, 82cm, 72cm, 62cm, and 52cm, it unpacks great features such as:

      • 11 interchangeable colors

      • 12W LED RGB

      • Brightness Efficiency switching

      • 12 custom sound fonts

      • Speaker 2-3 Watts, 4/8 ohm great quality

      • Flash on clash

      • Blaster deflection & lock-up

      • Sensitive SMOOTH Swing 

      • Metal hilt

      • Polycarbonate Blade 92cm(49.37”)

      • Rechargeable battery with USB cable and battery 4000mAh 18650 3.7V

      • Allen key + screws to tighten the blade

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      May the Force be with you!