Darth Revan

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      Revan Saber Replica Neopixel Blade


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      Darth Revan Saber - Neopixel Blade Saber


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      Revan Old Republic Saber Neopixel Saber


      Who is Darth Revan

      Darth Revan is one of the dreaded Sith lords and the main protagonist of the Star Wars Old Republic era. Trained under Kreia and various other Jedi masters, he was considered one of the gifted and mighty Force-sensitive warriors. 

      He was a famous and respected Jedi knight who became a Dark Lord and established a great Sith Empire. A Sith member called Vitiate uses the Force ability to alter his mind to turn him into the dark side. 

      However, after years of revelation, he returns to the Jedi Order and helps the members fight against the Sith Empire. 

      What was Darth Revan Lightsaber’s Color?

      As he continues to change his sides from Jedi to Sith and again Jedi, his lightsaber keeps evolving as per his change. 

      He is one of those few characters who wielded various blades, including blue, red, green, and purple. 

      • Blue lightsaber:- It is the first blade he used as a young Jedi Padawan. 
      • Red lightsaber:- Revan used a red colored blade after turning into the dark side. A sith lord named Vitiate convinced him to think of himself as a part of the dark side. 
      • Green lightsaber:- When Revan was redeemed by Jedi order and reestablished himself, he created a green blade with a standard hilt. 
      • Purple lightsaber:- He built himself a purple blade after being captured by Siths in prison for centuries. However, Meera Sutrik and some other Jedi rescued him.  

      Explore Darth Revan Lightsaber Replica

      At ARTSABERS, you can find and buy high-quality replicas of Darth Revan’s lightsaber. Made of premium material, our sabers are perfect for dueling and display.

      The Darth Revan lightsaber replica offers extensive features that are sure to ignite your inner warrior. 

      • Customisation: The replica comes with 11 interchangeable color options, which means you can change the color of your blade.
      • Adjust the brightness:  You have complete control over adjusting the brightness of the blade.
      • Select different sound fonts: Modify the sound of your blade and create a realistic impression while dueling.
      • Impressive Design: Revan's blade is wonderfully captured by its painstaking design and fine craftsmanship.
      • Durable blade: The blade's hilt claims to withstand rigorous combat moves and provide durability.
      • Rechargeable blade: The rechargeable battery in your blade will extend its life, offering unlimited dueling.
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      Explore the features by yourself and take yourself to a galactic adventure now! 

      May the Force be with you!