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For Light Dueling, Perfect for Display

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      Buy Pink Sabers with Light Online at Artsabers

      Do you know Luke Skywalker's lightsaber was originally pink - one that he received from his master Obi-Wan Kenobi?

      Have you ever imagined getting your hands on the iconic pink lightsaber?

      If yes, your dream is going to become a reality.

      ARTSABERS brings a replica of the popular Star Wars pink lightsaber. Inspired by Luke Skywalker's blade, the saber with light is perfect for DISPLAY AND DUELING purposes. 

      What’s more?

      The pink lightsaber for sale at ARTSABERS comes with more features than saber replicas out there. From 11 interchangeable colors to 12 custom sound fonts, there are dozens of things that qualify the blade to be your saber with light. 

      Ready to embark on the fascinating journey to acquire the pink saber? Buy now at ARTSABERS!  

      Check Our Collection of Pink Light Sabers for Sale

      Do you want a saber for dueling? Or, are you planning to get one for display purposes? 

      Whatever your answer is, the pink lightsaber collection at ARTSABERS has blades that meet your requirements. 

      Check the collection for more!  

      From Silver Revan to Dinioc, we’ve sabers with light that can be used for multiple purposes. They are perfect to replicate the iconic duels from the Star Wars. On the other hand, if you only want to keep them for display purposes, they are stunning enough to capture the attention from a distance. 

      Why Buy Star Wars Pink Lightsabers from Artsabers?

      First things first, our lightsabers aren’t just ordinary replicas. They are appealing, high-quality, multi-purposes blades inspired from the iconic weapons from the Star Wars universe. 

      Still wondering why you should get your pink saber from ARTSABERS?

      Like you, we are big Star Wars fans. We know the pride of having a Star Wars lightsaber that looks exactly like the one popular characters had. With this emotional feeling, we bring replica sabers that are more than just replicas. 

      At ARTSABERS, our collection only comprises cherry-picked sabers renowned for crushing opponents during dueling. so, you won’t be disappointed after buying this equipment from us. As always, we guarantee value for every saber purchased.

      Also, we are always there to help you. 

      Features of a Pink Lightsaber at ARTSABERS

      • Aesthetics

      At ARTSABERS, we provide a wide variety of sabers with unique aesthetics to satisfy the needs of our many clients. Our sabers are capable of changing 11 color and 12 font sounds. It means you can get any saber design or color in our store. 

      • Connection with Iconic Blades

      Are you someone who would own a pink saber that resembles what a character in Star Wars movies and series used? If yes, we have exactly what you are looking for. At ARTSABERS, we stock our shelves with similar sabers to satisfy enthusiasts like you.

      • Quality and Durability

      Pink saber replicas that you buy at ARTSABERS are capable of surviving the toughest of battles. All of our blades with light are made of strong material that enables them to survive brutal hits.

      • Battery Life

      The best batteries power our sabers. We know how frustrating it is to stop a duel in order to charge their batteries. To prevent such issues, we have sabers with longer battery life. 

      Now, are you all set to order your pink lightsaber? Just pick one from your collection and place an order. And, if you need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

      May the Force Be With You!


      1. What is the symbolic meaning of a pink lightsaber?

      The symbolic meaning of a pink lightsaber is diverse. It can represent compassion, understanding, and balance in the Force. Pink sabers are often associated with characters who exhibit empathy and strive for harmony, adding depth and complexity to their portrayal within the Star Wars universe.

      2. Are there different shades of pink for Pink Sabers?

      Yes, there are some shades of pink available for Pink Sabers on ARTSABERS. From vibrant magenta to soft pastel hues, customers can choose their preferred shade to customize their saber. Explore their collection to find the perfect pink for your lightsaber needs.

      3. Can Pink Sabers be customized?

      Yes, pink sabers at ARTSABERS can be customized. Customers can choose from various hilt designs, blade lengths, and sound options to tailor their saber. Additionally, engraving services are available for personalization, making each saber unique to its owner's preferences.

      4. Does anyone use a pink lightsaber?

      Yes, pink lightsabers are used by various Jedi in the Star Wars universe, including Ahsoka Tano and Galen Marek. Fans also enjoy creating custom pink lightsabers for cosplay and collectibles. As a fan of the saga, one could use a pink lightsaber depending on choices.

      5. Can I duel with Pink Sabers?

      Yes, you can duel with Pink Sabers that are available at ARTSABERS. Keep in mind that it is made for light dueling and is essentially ideal for display.