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Silver R Saber Base Lit Saber For Heavy Dueling
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Silver R Saber Base Lit Saber For Heavy Dueling

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TSK-E11-A Silver plating RGB

Silver R Saber Base Lit Saber For Heavy Dueling

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Dinioc Saber Base Lit Saber For Heavy Dueling
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Dinioc Saber Base Lit Saber For Heavy Dueling

Regular price $194.00 Sale price from $146.00


Dinioc Saber Base Lit Saber For Heavy Dueling


Buy the Best Pink Saber Online

Dueling is a part of star wars that its enthusiasts cannot ignore. You cannot feel the thrill and appeal of sabers without flashing and swinging them in a duel. As most star wars enthusiasts try dueling at home, they will desire a similar thrill to the movies or series. However, to have an amazing taste of wars in real life, you must pick the best sabers.

Artsabers is making this work easier for its customers. We are committed to buying and retailing sabers that give the best taste of duels for star wars fans. We know the satisfaction of our clients depends on the effectiveness of the light pink saber in dueling. We want them to feel like Phoenix of Jedi after crushing Sith’s Empire.

Our store only comprises cherry-picked sabers renowned for crushing opponents during dueling. So, you won’t be disappointed after buying this equipment from us. As always, we guarantee value for every saber purchased.

What We Consider When Buying Pink sabers for Duels

We know many star wars fans love duels. Artsabers desires every customer to have the utmost satisfaction when using pink sabers for battles. Before investing in these sabers, we consider their strength, reliability, and effectiveness in intense duels. Before buying them, we consider the following:

  • Their battery life – Batteries power our sabers. It can be frustrating if users have to stop the duel in order to charge their batteries. To prevent such issues, we sell sabers with longer battery life. We also invest in sabers with a reputation for saving energy. This energy-saving ability will enable our clients to duel with it for a long time without worrying about depleting its battery.
  • Durability – Spending on a saber that cannot last is a waste of money. We know such a feeling will frustrate our customers. So, we avoid such a case by going for sabers with a track record of durability. Our greatest selling point is always providing pink saber jedi that can survive many brutal duels. That allows our customers to get value for the money invested in the weapon.
  • Aesthetics - Every individual has their taste and preference when picking the sabers. This weapon’s aesthetics mostly determine their choice. At Artsabers, we try to provide a wide variety of sabers with unique aesthetics to satisfy the needs of our many clients. You can get any saber design or color in our store. Visit our website to check the various options we provide.
  • Semblance with Star Wars sabers – Most people would love to own sabers that resemble what their favorite characters in Star Wars movies and series used. We stock our shelves with similar sabers to satisfy these enthusiasts.
  • Quality Material – Duels are very vigorous, which puts the sabers at risk of damage. Unfortunately, a good duel will take a heavy toll on the saber pink blade. Therefore, we retail sabers that can survive the toughest of battles. Our sabers are made of strong material that enables them to survive brutal hits.

Dueling with NEO Sabers Battle Ready sabers

Our NEO Sabers provide exceptional weapons that fall into different categories. Quality determines the reliability and durability of sabers. Here are the two saber options we provide for combat lovers, and it is suitable for budgeted buyers.


It is considered the best combat saber because it is an action-laden black blade. It looks like a traditional sword but is shorter. It has a round guard, Mandalorian pommel, and a slitting blade that makes it look remarkable. The single-bladed pink saber is affiliated with Death Watch, Jedi Order House Vizsla, and Clan Wren. Sabine Wren, Torre VizslaPre Vizsla, Kanan Jarrus, and Maul used it in Star Wars. Here are the Darksaber options available in our store.

Darkwolf Saber

Amazing features

  • This saber produces a white light and a realistic sound when it strikes something
  • It has many sound effects with customizable sound themes
  • It has a removable light-diffusing polycarbonate blade
  • It has motion sensors for creating a seamless swing experience and sophisticated sound effects

Destroyer Pro

Amazing Features

  • It has a powerful speaker, volume controls, a superb 50 Watt pixel strip, and limitless color options
  • It has many sound effects and changeable sound themes
  • Motion sensors and sophisticated sound effects
  • It has a removable blade made of polycarbonate with a light-diffusing finish
  • A detachable lithium battery that can last a whole day

Hunter FX


  • It produces sound and white light when it hits something
  • It has many sound effects
  • Detachable polycarbonate and light-diffusing blade
  • Made for intense dueling
  • It has a removable battery
  • It has a motion sensor for a great swing
  • Sophisticated sound effects

Neopixel sabers

Our Neopixel sabers are the appropriate option for dueling enthusiasts. They comprise a polycarbonate blade, a strong metallic build, and an amalgamation of electronic components that brightens every clash. When combined with the soundboard, the duels will be thrilling and real. The most common features of this saber pink weapon, according to the Star Wars Mission, are lock-up, pre-power, flash-on, and blaster. The pleasure of using this saber is derived from its smooth swinging ability obtained from its ECO smooth swing motion.

The original sound fonts of Jedi and Sith have been incorporated into this saber to make the dueling experience more real. The user can customize the color schemes, enabling them to change roles from Sith to Jedi effortlessly. You can learn more about the pink saber meaning and enhance your weapon’s color range with an SD card. Fast and slow flickering options are available too. We offer these selected picks:

Cyprus FX Xeno Neopixel ECO saber

It is at the top tier of the Neopixel dueling sabers category, famous for glistening and glints with an incredible mix of neopixel infinite colors and loud sound themes. It has a long rechargeable battery life, and its detachable polycarbonate blade is shatter-proof.

Magnus FX Xeno Neopixel ECO saber

The length of a saber’s blade determines the dueling experience. The magnus offers an amazing thrill with its 92 cm polycarbonate blade. Its solid frosted aluminum hilt also gives its users premium usability as it doesn’t strain the hand. It also has ten sound effects for clashing during duels.

Original KR Xeno Neopixel saber

This saber proves that not all affordable things in life are mediocre. The Xeno saber is budget-friendly but also a great pick. It has attractive aesthetics with RGB strip rolls of infinite colors and a 92 cm blade. The glow increases in awesomeness on every strike. Besides being suitable for heavy dueling, the Xeno saber has a proven track record for durability.

The colors of sabers have different meanings. Before opting for a weapon with a pink blade, consider learning about the pink saber color meaning and other existing colors. That will guide you in picking the perfect weapon for you.