Green Sabers

For Light Dueling, Perfect for Display

      NO112 base lit

      ARRIO Saber - Force FX Saber


      TSK-E10-A Black RGB

      Black Veril Saber Base Lit saber For Heavy Dueling



      1 inch Neopixel Lava Blade


      TSK-E08 Silver RGB

      Niading Saber Base Lit Saber For Heavy Dueling


      TSK-E09 Black RGB

      Hela Saber Base Lit Saber For Heavy Dueling



      Black ND Saber Base Lit Saber For Heavy Dueling


      TXQ A05 blue

      Blue Veril Saber Base Lit saber For Heavy Dueling


      TXQ A05 red

      Red Veril Saber Base Lit saber For Heavy Dueling


      Green Saber Replica for Sale Online at Artsabers

      Hey, you saber fanatics!

      Artsabers just launched a lightsaber bonanza: green lightsaber replicas are now in stock! 

      Whether you're a Yoda fan who loves the green lightsaber of Jedi or vibing with Luke Skywalker, these replicas are the real deal. So, why settle for just watching the action when you can be the action?

      Artsabers has turned your Star Wars dreams into a reality with these precisely crafted replicas that'll make you the Jedi or Sith you've always aspired to be.

      Don't miss out, saber enthusiasts; snag your green lightsaber for sale replica at Artsabers and let the Force be with your collection! 

      Artsabers goes beyond the ordinary with a palette of sabers, showcasing not just the iconic green but also introducing mesmerizing replicas of white lightsabers and blazing orange lightsabers.

      What does a green lightsaber symbolize in Star Wars lore?

      The green hue signifies a Jedi's profound connection to the Force and their commitment to maintaining balance within the galaxy. 

      The Star Wars inspired green saber is not just a weapon; it's a symbol of a Jedi's wisdom, chill vibes, and loyalty to doing what's right.

      Wielded by iconic characters such as Yoda and Luke Skywalker, the green lightsaber showcases their mastery of the Force and their role as wise and powerful Jedi. 

      Types of Force FX Green Lightsaber Blade

      Choose the green lightsaber blade that resonates with your Jedi style and unleashes your unique connection to the Force!  

      • Classic Green Blade: The timeless, iconic green lightsaber blade is perfect for those embracing traditional Jedi vibes. 
      • Luminous Emerald Blade: This blade shines with a brilliant emerald hue, captivating onlookers with its radiant glow.
      • Mystic Enchant Blade: An enchanted blade with subtle mystical patterns, adding an element of intrigue to its green brilliance.
      • Viridian Cascade Blade: With a cascading effect, this blade creates a stunning visual display, mimicking the flow of energy within the Force.

      What Makes the Green Lightsaber a Perfect Jedi Choice?

      The green saber isn't just a choice; it epitomizes Jedi perfection. 

      First and foremost, it's a nod to tradition, a timeless choice that connects you to legendary Jedi like Yoda and Luke Skywalker. 

      So, why choose the green lightsaber replica from Artsabers? Because it's not just perfect; it's the quintessential choice for those who walk the Jedi path. 

      From honing your sparring techniques to stealing the show in galaxy-saving battles, this saber's got your back.

      What are the Key Features of Green Saber?

      The Force FX green lightsaber replicas aren't just a saber; it's a journey into the heart of Star Wars magic, where every battle feels real, and every duel is an adventure. 

      Here are some features that make the green saber a galactic game-changer:

      • Authentic Awesomeness: Enter the green lightsaber Star Wars inspired saber, where aesthetics meet realism. With an advanced LED system, it doesn't just look phenomenal; it feels like an extension of the Force itself. 
      • Built to Last: The Green FX Saber isn't your average lightsaber – it's a beast! Crafted with top-notch materials, it laughs in the face of wear and tear. Ready for some Jedi roughhousing? This saber can handle it.
      • Versatile Jedi Companion: Beyond being a showstopper, the Green FX Saber is a multifaceted tool. Sharpen your fencing skills, engage in epic duels with friends, or delve into a new hobby – this saber is your versatile companion on all your Star Wars adventures.
      Collector's Dream: This isn't just a lightsaber; it's a masterpiece. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting your Star Wars lightsaber journey, the Green FX Saber is the must-have gem in your collection.


      1. What are Green FX Lightsabers?

      Green FX Lightsabers are high-quality replicas featuring vibrant green blades, inspired by iconic Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker and Yoda. These FX sabers are appealing to fans seeking authentic and visually striking collectibles.

      2. Do Green FX Lightsabers have sound effects?

      The FX Lightsabers offered on ARTSABERS likely feature sound effects, including those in their Green FX Saber collection. These replicas are likely designed to emulate the iconic hum and clash sounds from the Star Wars universe, enhancing the authenticity of the experience.

      3. Are Green FX Sabers suitable for dueling?

      Green FX Sabers are suitable for light dueling. The ones available at ARTSABERS are ideal for display.

      4. How do Green FX Lightsabers compare to other colors?

      Green lightsabers are generally common among Jedi Knights and wielders strong with the Force. The color choice is more about personal connection and lore than functionality in this case.

      5. Who uses green lightsabers?

      Green blades are common among Jedi Knights, particularly Jedi Consulars known for wisdom and diplomacy. Famous green saber wielders include Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Qui-Gon Jinn.