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      Who is Emperor Palpatine

      Emperor Palpatine or Darth Sidious, is one of the most cunning, influential, and menacing Sith lords. 

      He plays a major role in restoring the Sith and demolishing the Jedi Order. Not only does he manipulate the political system of the Galactic Republic to become a ruler, but he also persuades Anakin Skywalker to join the Sith side. 

      Palpatine is so cunning that he successfully cheats his death at the battle of Endor and makes an even more potent return. 

      Which Lightsaber Does Palpatine Use

      The Emperor’s Blade first appeared in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, precisely in Episode III, Revenge of the Sith.

      The Emperor's blade was created with phrik, auordium, and electrum. He wielded two lightsabers against Maul and Opress on Mandalore. Just like any other Sith who had a crimson blade, so does he. It symbolizes his scheming, power, and evilness to the core. 

      However, he used to apply more of his manipulative skills rather than using the blade for combat. 

      Who was Trained Under Palpatine?

      One of the notable warriors trained under Palpatine is Darth Vader, who previously was Anakin Skywalker before turning to the dark side. He also trained Darth Tyranus and Darth Maul, among other infamous Sith characters. 

      Explore the Emperor Palpatine Lightsaber’s Replica Collection

      Palpatine’s lightsaber was clearly a piece of antiquity created with a high level of craftsmanship. ARTSABERS has bought a vast collection of Palpatine blades that capture his blade's crux while flaunting a true mastery of lightsaber creation. 

      This blade is solely enough to make you feel like you own the power in your hand. The blade comes with extensive features that include:- 

      • Changing blades’ color in 11 different ways. 
      • Customizing sound and light effects. 
      • Metal hilt for a highly durable blade.
      • Rechargeable batteries for endless dueling. 

      When it comes to making memorable and remarkable experiences with your favorite master-like blade, the lightsaber from ARTSABERS never fails. It offers two blade length options: 92cm(36") or 82cm(32"). You can also select from two electronic blade types: SN-Neopixel or Profile 2.2. 

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