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      Embrace the Force and own a piece of Star Wars history with our Luke Legacy Lightsabers.

      Explore our collection of Luke's legacy lightsabers, inspired from Star Wars lightsabers, choose your destiny, and become a part of the Star Wars legacy today.

      At ARTSABERS, we understand the deep love and admiration fans have for the Star Wars franchise. 

      That's why we are committed to delivering the highest quality lightsaber replicas that allow you to immerse yourself in this beloved universe. 

      Check Our Iconic Collection for Luke Legacy Saber

      At ARTSABERS, we have the most iconic collection of Luke's legacy saber inspired by Star Wars Luke's lightsaber.

      During the Star Wars series, Luke had several blades that served in different phases of his journey. The type of lightsabers Luke Skywalker possessed are:-

      • Anakin Skywalker’s Lightsaber(Blue):- This lightsaber that initially belonged to his father, Anakin, was handed over to Luke by Obi-Wan Kenobi and served as the primary weapon in the initial stages of his Jedi training. 
      • Green Lightsaber:- Luke himself made this lightsaber after losing his Blue lightsaber.
      • Luke Skywalker's Yellow Lightsabers- It is said that Luke possessed the Yellow lightsaber in the recent comic. However, we've already seen the above two in the Star Wars series.

      With our iconic Luke legacy saber, you can have the sparkle that Luke had in his legacy. 

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      Explore the Force: Luke Lightsaber Legacy Unveiled

      Whether you are a devoted collector or a passionate fan, our Luke Lightsaber Legacy collection offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe in a profoundly personal way. 

      Whether displayed proudly on your shelf, ignited for thrilling duels, or admired for their stunning craftsmanship, these lightsabers are your gateway to the enduring magic of the Force.

      Key Features of the Luke Legacy Saber Box

      The key features of the Luke legacy saber box are:- 

      • 3 LL Saber Hilts 
      • 3 Display Stands With 3 Metal Racks With Episodes Of The Series 
      • 3 Pairs Of White Gloves For Removing Fingerprints On Saber 
      • 3 Blade Plugs 
      • Three
      •  saber Chargers 
      • Option To Choose With Saber Blades Or Without 
      • User Manual

      Get the Luke Skywalker in you. Grab out Luke's lightsaber legacy at Artsabers now!

      May the Force Be With You!


      1. What is included in the Luke Legacy Lightsaber Box?

      The Luke Legacy Lightsaber Box includes: 3 LL Saber Hilts, 3 Display Stands with 3 Metal Racks, Episodes Of The Series, 3 Pairs Of White Gloves for removing Fingerprints On the Saber, 3 Blade Plugs, Three saber Chargers, an Option to Choose With Saber Blades Or Without, User Manual Artsabers Luke Legacy Lightsaber Box.

      2. Can I customize the Luke Legacy saber Box?

      Luke Legacy Lightsaber Box available at ARTSABERS doesn't mention customization options for the box itself, but it does give the option to purchase the set with or without lightsaber blades.

      3. Does the box come with the actual lightsaber replica?

      It includes 3 LL Saber Hilts, which are the core parts of the lightsaber replicas.

      4. Is the box designed for display or storage?

      The Luke's Legacy Saber Box from ARTSABERS is specifically designed for both display and storage purposes. Its elegant design ensures your lightsaber is showcased beautifully while also providing secure storage when not in use.