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      NO049 Xenopixel

      Leia Neopixel Lightsaber from ARTSABERS


      TXQ LEIA Pink SN-Pixel

      Hope Of Leia Lightsaber | Neopixel Lightsaber


      NO049 base lit

      Leia Lightsaber Base lit with Smooth Swing


      Who is Leia?

      Princess Leia Organa is a fearless leader of the Rebel Alliance. She is considered one of the greatest heroes of the Star Wars universe, and she wants to end the Empire’s tyranny. 

      In Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977), Leia makes her first appearance as a prominent member of the Imperial Senate on the planet Alderaan. 

      Leia, the daughter of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo, gets kidnapped by Vect Nokru. That is how a quest begins to find Obi-Wan Kenobi and meet his twin brother Luke Skywalker. 

      Which Lightsaber Does Leia Use?

      Leia uses a blue lightsaber as a Padawan during her training under her brother, Luke Skywalker. It is a cylindrical straight blade made with copper and silver. 

      Interesting Facts About Leia’s Saber

      Princess Leia’s lightsaber features mother-of-pearl inlays. Her blade is a true work of art that consists of an elegant symmetry with silver and gold hues. 

      Explore the Collection of Leia Lightsaber

      Being avid fans of the Star Wars universe, we at ARTSABERS work hard to create the best lightsabers modeled after the characters from the film. Thus, we have an enthralling collection of Leia’s blades, which includes:

      1. Lei Neopixel saber from ARTSABERS

      1. Hope Of Leia Saber | Neopixel Saber

      1. Lei saber Base lit with Smooth Swing

      These lightsabers have a variety of cutting-edge characteristics, such as:

      • 11 Interchangeable color options. 

      • Brightness control and mute function. 

      • Different blade lengths for a pleasant dueling experience. 

      • Customizable sound and light effects. 

      • High-quality realistic sound effects. 

      • Durable blade with metallic hilt.

      • Rechargeable batteries for unlimited dueling and cosplay. 

      • Impressive design with fine craftsmanship. 

      • Flash on clash function. 

      We provide a yearlong warranty on your order in addition to free shipping. Look through the collection now and join the Force. 

      May the Force be with you!