Buy the best Lightsabers Accessories

    As the leading provider of cosplay accessories for the most dedicated fans and hobbyists, we are dedicated to crafting products that bring your favorite characters to life with stunning detail.

    The Focus on Fine-Tuned Cosplay

    At Artsabers, we grasp the significance of every aspect in cosplay. Our focus on accessories enables us to offer you the finest products to escalate your cosplay to new heights. Whether you yearn for a belt clip to keep your lightsaber spear within reach, or a protective case to preserve the impeccable state of your cosplay, we've got you covered. Our aim is to equip you with the resources necessary to bring your cosplay vision to fruition.

    1. The Convenient Covertec Belt Clip

    The Covertec Belt Clip - the perfect accessory for cosplayers seeking ease and accessibility. Designed for both practicality and functionality, this belt clip is the ultimate addition to any cosplay ensemble. The Covertec Belt Clip guarantees the secure fastening of your lightsaber to your belt, ensuring that it is always within arm's reach. Constructed with high-quality materials, the clip promises durability and longevity. Its simple design allows for easy attachment and detachment from your belt, making it suitable for both cosplay and everyday use.

    2. The Stylish SABER STAND

    The SABER STAND - the ideal accessory for cosplayers wishing to showcase their lightsaber with flair. Crafted with functionality and aesthetics in mind, this stand is a must-have for any cosplay collection. The SABER STAND is a beautifully designed holder that firmly holds your lightsaber in place when not in use. Built with premium materials, it showcases both strength and style, augmenting any cosplay setup. This stand accommodates most original lightsaber parts, ensuring that your weapon is always at your disposal and on display.

    3. The Secure Covertec Adapter & Wheel

    The Covertec Adapter & Wheel - the perfect accessory for cosplayers seeking comfort and security. Designed for ease and functionality, this two-part system is essential for any cosplay setup. The Covertec Adapter & Wheel is a seamless system that allows for the secure and comfortable attachment of your lightsaber to your belt. The adapter connects to the base of your lightsaber, while the wheel fastens to your belt, establishing a reliable and sturdy connection. This system is compatible with most standard lightsaber models and lightsaber accessories, allowing you to use it with your current gear.

    4. The BASE LIT BLADE PLUGS - A Touch of Realism

    The BASE LIT BLADE PLUGS - a necessary accessory for cosplayers seeking realism. Designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of your cosplay weapon, these blade plugs are the cherry on top of any cosplay setup. The BASE LIT BLADE PLUGS are designed to replace the standard blade plugs in your lightsaber, adding an extra dose of realism to your cosplay weapon. With a built-in LED light, the blade plugs illuminate the base of your lightsaber blade, imbuing it with a bright and vivid glow that amplifies the overall appearance of your cosplay. These blade plugs come in a variety of colors, enabling you to pick the one that best complements your cosplay ensemble.

    5. The Xenopixel V2 Kit with Neopixel Blade: A Cosplay Game-Changer Cosplayers

    Brace yourselves for a revolutionary accessory that is bound to take your lightsaber to unparalleled heights of functionality and style. Introducing the Xenopixel V2 Kit with Neopixel Blade, a comprehensive kit that promises to upgrade your cosplay weapon to the latest and greatest technology.

    The Xenopixel V2 Kit comprises of a Xenopixel V2 controller that flaunts advanced lighting effects and features, coupled with a Neopixel Blade that boasts vibrant colors and a smooth, even glow. Installation of the kit is a breeze and the transformation it brings to the appearance and functionality of your lightsaber is simply awe-inspiring.

    6. 1 inch Neopixel Blade

    Elevate Your Lightsaber with the 1 inch Neopixel Blade For cosplayers seeking to add a touch of elegance and functionality to their lightsaber, the 1 inch Neopixel Blade is the perfect accessory. This blade is designed with convenience, durability, and style in mind and it does not disappoint.

    The 1 inch Neopixel Blade is a high-quality, durable saber blade that delivers bright and vivid colors and a seamless, even glow, thanks to its Neopixel technology. Compatible with most standard lightsaber hilts, this blade is easy to install and elevates the look and functionality of your cosplay weapon.

    7. Lightsaber Protective Case with Lockers:

    Safekeeping for Your Cosplay Arsenal For cosplayers who value protection for their lightsaber and accessories, the Lightsaber Protective Case with Lockers is the ideal storage solution. With a sturdy construction that provides protection against scratches, dings, and other forms of damage, this case boasts a sleek design that is perfect for safekeeping and displaying your cosplay weaponry.

    8. 1 inch Neopixel Lava Blade

    Add a Fiery Touch to Your Lightsaber with the 1 inch Neopixel Lava Blade If you're looking to infuse your lightsaber with a fiery touch of style, look no further than the 1 inch Neopixel Lava Blade. This high-quality, durable blade features Neopixel technology that provides advanced lighting effects and features and is compatible with most standard lightsaber hilts. The unique "lava" design adds a touch of fiery flair to your cosplay weapon.


    Here at Artsabers we offer a diverse range of cosplay accessories designed to enhance the look and functionality of your cosplay setup. From the Covertec Belt Clip, the SABER STAND, and the Lightsaber Protective Case with Lockers, our products are the epitome of durability, style, and convenience. If you're looking for the best cosplay accessories in the market, look no further than Artsabers. Browse our website today and order your own now!"