Benefits of Buying saber Black Series

Benefits of buying Lightsaber Black Series

The force fx saber black series and darth revan saber black series are overly great quality sabers with bright lights. Their excellent form and real sounds effects are really scrupulous and pleasing. However, with all these great features, unfortunately, the saber black series cannot be used for dueling because they use string blades.

The benefits of buying saber black series include.

High Quality:

The force fx saber black series is an authentic saber with the highest quality model on the market. They have simplest models with realistic designs that make them glow and outstand other designs. They are many peoples’ favorite toy weapons because they have been used by key characters in Star Wars such as Emperor Palpatine. Majority of them are made from metals but there are some plastic ones too.


saber black series are stylish weapons for modern age made from the latest neopixels technology. The force fx saber black series has a real power and force user. They have nice, modern features such as blaster deflect, color change and door cutting sound effects on film series and other related fields like video games among many others.

Great for Gifting:

The force fx saber black series are the best sabers for gifting Star Wars fans. This is because they are made from the best and highest quality materials. Also, they are also used in real movie experiences. This type of saber has very fine and detailed finishing which makes collectors to proudly display their new ones. Their hilts are associated to poplar movie hilts.


Since the force fx saber black series are officially licensed and are widely available, you can easily get them anywhere including online. Due to the fact that you can get them from a reputable and trusted source, it makes it comfortable for majority of people to buy them.


Most force fx saber black series are relatively cheaper than other sabers. The retail price costs around $150 to $300 depending on their sizes, type of material used and complexity of the saber. However, these sabers are very delicate because they use string blade where the LEDs are contained within the blade. This feature therefore makes them not suitable for dueling.

Also, its color change effects are really amazing. On the other hand, darth revan saber black series has extremely powerful force and uses telekinesis to crush and choke enemies.