Laser Saber Fighting Techniques

The Jedi, the Sith, and other Force-sensitive beings typically employed the lightsaber. It was sometimes known as a laser sword by people unfamiliar with it. A kyber crystal-powered plasma blade that was emitted from a typical metal hilt and could be turned off at whim made up a lightsaber. It was a weapon that demanded expertise and training, and when combined with the Force, it was significantly increased. The lightsaber was associated with the Jedi, even though the Sith also used them, and some people in the galaxy thought that only the Jedi could wield them. Lightsaber users' primary mode of combat was the laser saber fight. The seven "classic" laser saber fighting techniques were developed over millennia from various fighting methods. During the battle, light sabers were typically held in both hands. In general, lightsabers were utilized for both offense and defense. Anything, including flesh and blast doors, could be cut with a lightsaber. A weapon constructed of energy-conducting material, such as an electro staff, a Z6 riot control baton, some rare metals like busker, or another lightsaber, was the only means to thwart an approaching lightsaber strike. A Force-sensitive who used a lightsaber defensively could deflect blaster bolts and, with practice, could even reflect the rounds at the shooter or another target. Jedi with experience may even absorb Force lightning with their lightsabers.

When two or more opponents employ lightsabers in a duel, at least one of the participants must use a lightsaber while the other uses a weapon with a different blade. These enemies were frequently Sith and Jedi, though not always. Although some significant conflicts in the galaxy were resolved by lightsaber fighting when two Force-sensitive opponents were roughly evenly matched, they frequently had to turn to other tactics, including using other Force powers, to resolve the conflict. Every Jedi and Sith in the galaxy must be adept at using their lightsabers to survive. Even while the Jedi are renowned for their reliance on amicable diplomacy, this does not imply that they do not recognize the value of the lightsaber battle. Every kind of life within The Saber Legion of lightsaber battle is well known, but some fighting strategies have lost their relevance as fighting skills have advanced. Before sabers were widely used throughout the universe, the original lightsaber fighting style emerged. Back then, people who used lightsabers typically engaged in combat with foes who had to make do with cruder weapons. As a result, fights involving lightsabers tended to be one-sided, pitting the wielder against one or more opponents who lacked one. Shii-Cho was not created for head-to-head fighting. Hence it was unnecessary to highlight that aspect of the conflict. However, frequent one-on-one fights between saber users increased as lightsabers gained widespread recognition as effective combat equipment.

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