The Mystical Significance of Lightsaber colours in the Star Wars Universe

The Mystical Significance of Lightsaber colours in the Star Wars Universe

Lightsabers are one of the ionic weapons from  the Star Wars universe. Can you imagine a Jedi without his saber? You can’t. Right?

If you are as obsessed with Star Wars as we are, you must have noticed that  there are different lightsabers with so many different colours. But, do you know those colours aren’t just for aesthetics.

What do they do? Why should you focus on lightsaber colours when looking for a saber replica?

With this, let us explore a bit more about the cool blade colours of the faraway (also fictional) universe that are not just red, blue, or green!

Saber: What Gives Them Unique Colours

At the heart of every lightsaber rests a kyber stone or crystal that powers the saber. A lightsaber (the plasma blade) is formed by the crystal's energy. The lightsaber colours are based on what kyber crystal is resting on its core. 

Every plasma blade is unique, not just in its appearance but also in what values it symbolises. And with a unique value held by each saber, the colour is also specific to different clans that use the blades.

For instance, the evil forces holding values like rage and aggression use a red blade, whereas green lightsabers are seen in the hands of Jedi knights, symbolising goodwill and bravery. 

Star Wars Lightsaber colours Meanings: What Does Each Colour Symbolise?

If you feel knowing just about what colours the characters are using, here are the values that elite blades hold. 

Red Saber

The red sword, owned by the Sith, represents negative emotions like hatred, aggression, rage, fear, and anger. The interesting fact about red lightsabers is that any crystal can easily be converted into a red saber. 


To do so, a Sith member has to pour all the negative energy like aggression and rage. The crystal then consumes all the provided negative emotions causing the crystal to bleed, making it radiate a red hue. 

Green Saber

Green lightsabers, used by prominent Jedi characters like Qui-Gon Jinn and Yoda, reflect harmony, goodwill, and spirituality. The green colours are associated with characters with a deeper and philosophical understanding of forces. 


The green crystals are hard to find; hence, the Jedi have to travel deeper into different galaxies to find them. Because attaining the crystals involves many risks, the green colour in the Star Wars universe is also linked with personal growth and development. 

Blue Saber

Blue lightsabers are among the most popular and common lightsabers you will see with fictional world characters. The blue coloured lightsaber holds the important values of righteousness and bravery.  


Jedi knights like Aayla Secura, Rey Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, and Leia Organa are seen fighting battles bravely with the blue lightsabers. 

Darksaber: The Rarest Saber

Darksaber is a black-bladed saber, one of the rarest sabers to exist in the Star Wars universe. Unlike a typical saber, a darksaber is flat and thin, with a tapered end resembling a sword. 


The black blade is known to extract all the energy from its environment, which provides a white halo around the plasma blade. Important to Mandalorian culture, the black blade symbolises power, unity, and leadership for the community. 

Purple Saber

Purple lightsabers are rare sabers as well because the crystal used as the power source, amethyst kyber crystals, are relatively hard to find. The values reflected by this hue of lightsaber are recovery and reconstruction. 


The characters with a purple lightsaber understand and are fascinated with the dark side and the willpower to heal. The characters with purple blades are considered powerful because of their understanding of both the evil and light sides of the force. 

White Saber

The white lightsaber is another rarest of the sabers seen in the Star Wars universe. You will be shocked to know that Ahsoka Tano is the sole possessor of the white lightsaber. 

The white energy of Ahsoka's blade speaks of the force of good forms which is not restricted to bureaucracy. What makes this blade special is that it uses a crystal, purified, healed, and cleansed by Ahsoka, to build her weapons. 

Yellow Saber

The Yellow lightsabers are distinctive to Jedi sentinels, who work in close association with common people. We see the Jedi Temple Guards carrying the yellow sabers, who are anonymous and dutifully protect the temple. 

Some Other Saber in Star Wars

The sabres we discussed are seen more often with the characters. But many colours are rare and have made fewer appearances with their masters. Here are the lightsabers that you will see the characters owning as the story proceeds:

Orange Saber

These blades were owned by Gray Jedi, who have explored both the light and dark sides without following either of the paths. 

Silver Saber

Silver-coloured lightsabers symbolise purity, serenity, and peace, a rarely seen blade in the fictional universe.

Bronze Saber

Bronze lightsabers are seen with knights who have mastered the art of negotiation and diplomacy.

Indigo Saber

An indigo lightsaber is observed in the possession of Jedi Master Plo Koon, a Jedi High Council member. The colour is related to characters with great wisdom. 

Summing Up

Among different Star Wars lightsaber colours, each blade will have its strengths, values, and weaknesses. Next time you see a character in action, you will know what values he protects. 

Now that you know what value each colour represents, it will help you pick the right blade to transform into one of the Star Wars characters.