Adria Arjona Explains Time Gap Between Episodes of the Andor Season 2

Adria Arjona Explains Time Gap Between Episodes of the Andor Season 2

In a recent interview with Perri Nemiroff, Adria Arjona shared exhilarating details about one of the highly anticipated Star Wars series, Andor Season 2. Adria, who portrays Bix Caleen, explains how Tony Gilroy has set a unique and outstanding narrative structure for the second season of Andor. 

She confirms that there will be a time jump between the episodes, saying:

"In between every three episodes, there's a year, and then there's three more episodes, then a year, and then three more. So, you're seeing the evolution of these characters through such a large span of time, and I've never done that."

The story of Andor is set to connect directly to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This upcoming series ranks higher among the best shows in Star Wars, and Adria reveals that she has never seen such a structure of any narrative before. 

She praises Gilroy’s vision, mature storytelling, and intricate characters and expresses her thrilling return to the set. Addressing her presence, the actor discloses about her spinoff featuring Bix. She said, 

"I feel like a big spinoff could be later in my career. I'm trying to give job security to myself in the future. I'm trying to elongate it. I got a tattoo for Bix. My makeup artist from the show did it in my trailer."

In Andor Season 1, Bix is more than merely a supporting character; her relationship with Cassian (played by Diego Luna) certainly speaks to this fact. 

Bix’s role has been highly praised, and it would be exciting for fans to explore more about her evolution and growth in the rebellion, along with their other favorite characters. 

Stay tuned for more news about Andor Season 2.