George Lucas tops the Forbes Celebrity Billionaire List

George Lucas tops the Forbes Celebrity Billionaire List

Legendary Star Wars creator ‘George Lucas’ is now the Richest celebrity in the world. According to Forces, at age 79, his net worth amounts to an astounding $5.5 billion. 

He sold his company LucasFilm to Disney in 2012 for more than $4 billion in cash and stocks.

Presently focused on philanthropy, his charitable family foundation has more than $1 billion in assets. 

He founded LucasFilm in 1971 and made his fortune mostly through Star Wars projects and merchandise, ultimately entering the Forbes celebrity billionaire list in 1997. To this date, his dream of making a Flash Gordan movie, which turned into the space opera ‘Star Wars’ continues to flourish.

The Star Wars franchise remains the primary source of his vast wealth even though he has not been directly associated with a lot of projects in Saga since 2012. George Lucas negotiated several deals for sequels, prequels, and merchandising, combined with his 2012 deal with Disney helped him accumulate his massive net worth. 

He surpassed Steven Spielberg, his friend and long-time collaborator in various projects from the 2023 list to become the Richest celebrity in 2024.

Only a few have turned their dreams into big business and have transformed pop culture forever. George Lucas is a true inspiration for today’s generation as well as for generations to come.