Leslye Headland Confirms Major Changes After ‘The Acolytes’ 5th Episode

Leslye Headland Confirms Major Changes After ‘The Acolytes’ 5th Episode

So far, the mixed reviews for Acolyte and the frustrating narratives have left many fans unimpressed. Till Episode 4, it received less-than-favorable fan reactions. However, the latest episode set a new high standard for the show, promising to ramp up the intensity in the final few episodes. 

Star Wars fans met their new favorite villains from The Acolyte last week. When the fifth episode flipped the script and revealed Manny Jacinto’s Qimir as the Sith presence looming large over the season, he became the talk of the galaxy. 

Fans expected to know more about The Stranger over the last three episodes of Season 1. However, following the big Episode 5 reveal, the Stranger Sith wasn't meant to play a prominent role on the show. 

During an interview, The Acolyte showrunner Leslye Headland explained her plan to tuck Qimir back into the shadow after his identity was revealed in Season 2 for a bigger story. 

But after viewing Jacinto in the role, she found out that a few changes needed to be made. All she had to say is, "This is an interesting tidbit: Originally, even up until shooting, The Stranger was not in a lot of the rest of the season. He was much more of a tee-up for a second-season arc. But I saw Manny’s screen test early on in pre-production, and I just thought, 'There will be riots in the streets if I don’t [go further]. Here we go. I guess I’m rewriting an episode.' Manny was so impressive in every aspect.”

The Stranger is seen with a bunch of armor during his big Episode 5 fight scene, but the creative team thought Qimir would be confident enough to believe he wouldn't get hit, making bulky armor unnecessary.

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