‘Mae’ Goes Head-To-Head With Master ‘Sol’ In Star Wars: The Acolyte

‘Mae’ Goes Head-To-Head With Master ‘Sol’ In Star Wars: The Acolyte

The Acolyte is set to premiere its first two episodes on 4th June 2024. The hype around the mystery of the show is massive in the Star Wars fandom.

To keep the excitement flowing, Star Wars has released an exclusive clip in which Jedi Master Sol faces off with his padawan Mae, played by Amandla Stenberg. The Acolyte will blaze new ground for the franchise as it introduces viewers to the High Republic Era, the Golden Age of the Jedi Order. Leslye Headland's show is promised to be a murder mystery because of the murders of multiple Jedi. The assassin seems to be Amandla Stenberg, playing Mae, but the tale has some fantastic twists.

A new dazzling clip shows Mae taking on Master Sol. The brilliant fight choreography demonstrates the excitement when Master Sol uses martial arts and the Force. If you haven’t seen the clip, then what are you waiting for? Watch here:

The Excitement Is Alive

Disney and Lucasfilm have planned to keep the fans engaging with the drop of exciting clips from time to time, which feature lightsaber battles. A clip from the show ' Plan’ was released a few days ago. You can watch the clip here:

Leslye Headland, Kathleen Kennedy, Simon Emanuel, Jeff F. King, and Jason Micallef are the series' executive producers. Charmaine DeGraté and Kor Adana co-executively produce the series, which is produced by Rayne Roberts, Damian Anderson, Eileen Shim, and Rob Bredow.

Leslye Headland (Eps. 101 & 102), Kogonada (Eps. 103 & 107), Alex Garcia Lopez (Eps. 104 & 105), and Hanelle Culpepper (Eps. 106 & 108) directed the episodes, and Michael Ab composed the score. 

A clip called ‘Evolve’ was released as well, which shows the timeline of the show in the Star Wars canon: 

Star Wars The Acolyte looks extremely promising; keep an eye on the dates. 

May the Force be With You!