Star Wars Outlaws Official Trailer: Launch Date, Price, and Platforms

Star Wars Outlaws Official Trailer: Launch Date, Price, and Platforms

Prepare to dive into a unique Star Wars adventure! Set between Star Wars Episodes V and VI, Outlaws unveils a gripping narrative. It's a tale where you'll see the brave survivors who face the wrath of the Empire after Luke Skywalker's heroic destruction of the first Death Star.  


In partnership with Lucasfilm Games, Ubisoft unveils the official trailer of Star Wars Outlaws on April 9. The trailer shows the criminal underworld, new characters, and criminal syndicates. 

Storyline and Gameplay

Star Wars Outlaws is about Kay Vess and Nix on a game-changing adventure. 


Soon, they grab the attention of criminal syndicate leader Sliro, who puts a hefty bounty on Kay's head. To escape, she had Nix execute a mission - a heist


While helping Kay in the mission, players get the chance to explore a range of locations - including Tatooine, Kijimi, and Toshara.

Launch Date, Platforms, and Price

The "Star Wars Outlaws" will be released on August 30 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna. It can also be accessed on a PC via Ubisoft Connect. 


The base game price will be $69.99.

Early Access and Preorder Benefits

Fans and players who choose Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition will have early access to the game - 72 hours before the August 30 release. Also, preordering the game will result in the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack, which includes additional features for the Trailblazer ship.  


The pre-order for the Star Wars game is open.

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