Star Wars Ships Are Now In Starfield Modder

Star Wars Ships Are Now In Starfield Modder

Owners of the Console can now take X-Wing or N1 Starship on a ride across Bethesda’s open-world space game. Bethesda expanded mods to the Xbox version of Starfield in June. Since then, the fans have developed many hip and practical mods for the massive, expanse-centric universe of the game (RPG). 

One of the fans even began bringing Star Wars ships, including the X-Wing, to Starfield. 

When Starfield was launched in September 2023 for PC and Xbox, it was warmly welcomed by fans and critics. While completing quests, constructing ships, and fighting was praised more than previous games in the Bethesda RPG series, the lack of inhabitants on planets, uninteresting missions, and subpar space exploration left fans wanting the next Skyrim or Fallout 4

Fortunately, PC mods arrived shortly after, and they let gamers enhance the game. Then, Bethesda took mods to Xbox last month, allowing the Console fans to get their hands dirty with the RPG, and now someone has taken a lot of Star Wars ships and put them into Starfield with the help of Console.

Advancement To The Game’s Universe 

YouTuber/Twitch streamer Rebs Gaming first noticed that a creator approaching Bethesda’s official Creations mod launcher, Bill-Jones, uploaded six spaceships on July 6th this year. All six ships are fully playable on both the PC and the Xbox. 

This is the list of ships added by Bill-Jones:

  • X-Wing
  • N-1 Naboo Starfighter
  • Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter
  • TIE Advanced X-1
  • J-Type Nubian Royal Starship
  • Millennium Falcon

  • And YES, that’s quite a lineup of ships in the Star Wars franchise! 

    Sincere thanks to Bill-Jones for mapping the N-1 into Starfield. It is one of the coolest-looking vessels from the game series. 

    Negotiating for these ships to function in Starfield isn’t very hard. Before all this, you must download another mod that alters the process of building ships. 

    There has been a buzz about incorporating content from Star Wars into Starfield through mods, particularly in the last few months. It’s funny; we recently saw one content creator use over a hundred mods or transform Bethesda’s space RPG into a Mandalorian game. If you go through the Bethesda official mods launcher, you can discover a lot of other Star Wars mods that are now available on the Console, including lightsabers

    May the Force be with you!