The Clash Of Titans: Star Wars Vs Denis Villeneuve

The Clash Of Titans: Star Wars Vs Denis Villeneuve

Dune 2 was raved about by viewers and critics alike. The mind behind the movie Parts 1 and 2: Denis Villeneuve and his team are currently working on the pre-production of Dune Part 3.

Part 3 will be inspired by Frank Herbert’s sequel to his book Dune, titled Dune Messiah

Warner Bros. has released the date for Denis Villeneuve's next film, which may or may not be Dune 3. However, the filmmaker will have some formidable rivals as the movie hits the theaters because a Star Wars film is also planned for the same date. 

It’s Not Really A Rivalry 

Warner Bros. has unofficially announced the date for the release of Villeneuve’s next project: December 18, 2026. The same day, we will also see the daylight of an untitled Star Wars movie. 

Denis Villeneuve has said many times on public platforms that Star Wars has inspired him to be a filmmaker who loves to explore the depths of science fiction. Denis greatly respects the Star Wars franchise for going down the rabbit hole of big ideas.  

With the availability of two great sci-fi films in cinemas, it would be more like a treat for the viewers than a competition. It could go down as a day for the double feature as last year ‘Oppenheimer’ and ‘Barbie.’ 

Either way, if anyone could release a film to compete with Star Wars, it’s Denis Villeneuve, a master storyteller and director of Incendies, Prisoners, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, and Dune Part 1 & 2.

May the Force be with you!