The Wait Is Over With The Acolyte To Finally Premiere On Disney+

The Wait Is Over With The Acolyte To Finally Premiere On Disney+

This new live-action series from Star Wars and Lucasfilm is one of the most anticipated for a long time. 

The series will take Star Wars out of Skywalker's lineage to tell a new story of characters and places not presented in any of the movies. It airs on Tuesday, June 4, at 9 p.m. ET.

The Promise Is Fulfilled

It has been 12 years since  Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012. Back then, people hoped for sequels to Star Wars films based on the dawn of a new age, as they were happy with the signed deal for the sequel trilogy. 

It’s not just another Saga series produced by Lucasfilm for Disney+ but the first one that does not share any connections or loose ties with any other movie or show. It seems to be actively taking the franchise somewhere it has not been done before in film. 

The Acolyte will not tie into the creation of the Death Star, the formation of the rebellion, the fall of the Galactic Empire, or any of the other original trilogy moments that too many of Disney’s Star Wars titles, quite frankly, have leaned into far too heavily over the past nine years since the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Indeed, its story will undoubtedly provide some insights into how the Jedi Order was overthrown and supplanted by the Sith in the prequel trilogy. The Acolyte, therefore, has the vibe of the first genuinely distinctive piece of expressly canonical, live-action Star Wars work. 

Only time will tell whether the Saga spin-off is good creative work or not. However, by virtue of its existence with the first promo trailer and shots, the audience saw a new space opera that visually was a direct descendant of the first nine films yet was also a brand new universe. 

Indeed, it appears that The Acolyte is going to do just that and here is for Disney to have achieved the confidence that is needed to keep on exploring the Star Wars universe in new ways moving forward.

May The Force Be With You!