Answered! Why is Ahsoka's One LightSaber Shorter than the Other?

Answered! Why is Ahsoka's One LightSaber Shorter than the Other?

Have you watched Ahsoka? Then you must have noticed that Ahsoka was using two sabers in Ahsoka. However, one saber was shorter than the other one.

Ahsoka first started her Jedi training under the supervision of Anakin Skywalker with just one saber. It was during the Clone Wars. 

When her blades changed over time, the Kyber Crystal color also changed and first appeared as green. It then became blue before turning white, as you must have seen in Star Wars Rebels and Ahsoka.

Over time, the distinctive alterations and features incorporated into Ahsoka Tano's sabers have made them iconic with time.

Again, one of the two saber blades was shorter than Ahsoka was carrying. And it is very uncommon among Jedi and other saber wielders.

Ahsoka was not the first to get involved in Jar'Kai's dual fighting style. Even Asajj Ventress and Darth Sidious were using the same style with whom Ahsoka was fighting.

Their sabers were always the same in size, with blades of the same length as a typical saber.

Ahsoka was among the few Jar'Kai fighters, wielding a shorter saber than the other one.

The History and Evolution of Ahsoka Tano's sabers

Undoubtedly, Ahsoka has the most recognizable sabers in Star Wars. Her fighting style, highlighting reverse grip, makes her one of the most unique Jedi you can see in a battle. 

Ahsoka has grown very well. You must have seen the difference between Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels. 

Now, in an enthusiastic Padawan training under Anakin Skywalker. 

Originally, Ahsoka was wielding a single green saber. It has a grommet at the hilt, and she used it in her early appearance in The Clone Wars. 

However, Ahsoka Tano's saber was used later with her second, shorter saber. 

Ahsoka's second saber was seen in season three of The Clone Wars. It was specifically in the episode "Heroes on Both Sides."

The episode made Ahsoka a much more experienced Jedi. 

Did you know Ahsoka acquired her distinctive white sabers through a pivotal encounter detailed in the 2016 novel "Ahsoka" by E.K. Johnston?

During her time in hiding on the planet Ilum, Ahsoka faced off against a Sith Inquisitor known as the Seventh Brother. 

Emerging victorious from their confrontation, she claimed the Kyber crystals from his dual saber. 

Guided by the light side of the Force, Ahsoka purified the crystals, stripping them of their Sith-inflicted red hue and transforming them into radiant white.

As resourceful as ever, Ahsoka recreated two new saber hilts using scrap materials. 

Continuing her tradition, one of the newly crafted white sabers retained a shoto blade while the other boasted a standard length. 

As time passed, Ahsoka refined the design of the hilts, imbuing them with the graceful curvature that fans now recognize.

Ahsoka's Second Blade was a Shoto Blade

The smaller blade that Ahsoka was wielding is known as the shoto blade. 

You must have seen this type of blade in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. It is the only type of saber that Yoda used due to his small stature.

If we talk about dual-wielders such as Ahsoka, the shoto blade is more like a dagger to them. It allows the wielders to have better control over both of their weapons. 

Plus, the wielders get extra reinforcement from and for attacks.

Ahsoka began using her Shoto blade prior to the events where she, Anakin, and Obi-Wan Kenobi journeyed to Mortis.

Why Does Ahsoka Only Use One saber Against Other Jedi?

In episode 4 of "Ahsoka," you must have seen Ahsoka Tano opting for her longer saber exclusively. 

It is assumed that the reason behind this decision was the fact that her shorter saber was never effective against her formidable adversaries.

Ahsoka adjusted her fighting style during her intense duels with Marrok and the Dark Jedi Lord Baylan Skoll. 

She prioritized enhancing her defensive techniques and delivering potent strikes over the offensive advantages of dual-wielding. 

Ahsoka's training as a warrior stands out through her capacity to adapt to the situation and counter her opponent's styles and strengths. 

She strategically used suitable saber techniques depending on the scenario and showed her expertise very well. 

Although Ahsoka was displayed wielding two sabers by Rosario Dawson, she opted for just one in the fourth episode of "Ahsoka."

During the Clone Wars, Ahsoka crafted her second saber to complement the first one. It was done after she mastered the dual-wielding technique known as Jar'kai. 

Throughout the time period when she was getting trained by Anakin Skywalker in "The Clone Wars" animated series, she wielded different sabers. 

Initially, she was holding green and blue sabers. Later, she made a pair of white-bladed sabers during the Empire era that purified the red Kyber crystals. Those originally belonged to an Inquisitor. 

Notably, among those sabers, there was a shorter one known as a Shoto. Interestingly, Ahsoka chooses not to choose the shorter saber during her duels featured in "Ahsoka" episode 4.

Why was Shoto Blade Never Seen Before?

As you know, it was during the Clone Wars when Ahsoka received her Jedi training. 

Her practice was different from the typical Padawan's experience. The entire focus was on improving combat skills and tactics. 

Anakin, as Ahsoka's master, was determined to ensure her survival and protection during the war. 

Consequently, he instructed her to use an aggressive fighting style. It is why other Jedi were never seen holding a shoto blade, the same as Ahsoka.

The distinctive approach included her training to wield a shoto blade that was a rarity among other Jedi. 

Through this specialized training, Ahsoka gained a hold in saber duels. Her training skills were improved and very well proven by her.  

The shoto blade has definitely emerged as a defining element of Ahsoka's fighting skills and visual identity. 

It has made her incredibly a winner in the duels she had with throughout the Star Wars Rebels, such as - 

  • Inquisitors
  • And Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth.

The distinctive blade served her very well, from animated series to live-action. 

With Ahsoka revealing the role of Sabine Wren's mentor, she may one day pass the same tradition off to her Padawan.