Tips to Follow Before Starting Lightsaber Dual Fight

Tips to Follow Before Starting Lightsaber Dual Fight

The popularity of star wars has increased again and led to an explosion of interest in people learning how to fight with lightsabers in real life as a sport and martial art hobby. Before you start to make your lightsaber dueling club, it is very crucial to get yourself some starter gear to help protect you and your opponents during your fighting matches. Do check on our quality black lightsaber and place your order.  Here are some recommendations you must follow before starting your lightsaber duel fight;

  • Protective gear for full contact lightsaber fighting- just because lightsaber blades are made from hard plastic doesn’t mean that they cannot cause injuries. Striking hard on your opponent can cause very critical injuries. This is why people need full protective wear during contact fighting to prevent such injuries from occurring. So if you are a lightsaber starting fighter, please look for protective gear to prevent yourself from getting injured.

  • Quality lightsaber for dueling- the first thing that you will need for your lightsaber dueling is a very good and quality lightsaber. Our rey black series lightsaber is the best one yet that you can start with. It is black, has a strong blade, with multicolor changing light, and has a very strong handle, suitable for full contact dueling. If you are wishing to get into lightsaber duel fighting as a sport or hobby, this is the great dueling lightsaber for a starter like you. Visit our website and place your order.
  • Gender-specific protection- these are protective gears that are created to prevent injuries in the most sensitive areas during dueling. It is recommended that male lightsaber fighters wear a protective cup and females wear a chest protector. This will prevent damage to the sensitive areas of the body.

  • Lightsaber dueling gloves- they protect your fingers and hands from taking very hard blows during intense lightsaber fighting duels.

  • Lightsaber dueling mask-with this mask, you will not have to worry about safety tips as they protect your face from any sharp points during duel lightsaber fighting.

  • Elbow and knee protective pads- be sure to look for hard-shelled or soft pads to protect your elbows and knees from strikes during the lightsaber duel fight.

While serious injuries are uncommon, bruises are inevitable. To be on the safe side as a starter, very good protective wear is mandatory.  So when you are starting, look for a good lightsaber and some basic protective wear and you are good to go. Visit our website and place your order of the most quality lightsaber ever!