Black Sabers

For Light Dueling, Perfect for Display

      TSK-E10-A Black RGB

      Black Veril Saber Base Lit saber For Heavy Dueling


      TXQ A05 red

      Red Veril Saber Base Lit saber For Heavy Dueling


      TXQ A05 blue

      Blue Veril Saber Base Lit saber For Heavy Dueling


      Buy Black Lightsaber Replicas Online at Artsabers

      Are you ready to embrace the shadows and wield the power of the dark side? 

      At ARTSABERS, we offer a unique collection of black lightsaber replicas that will transport you into the heart of the Star Wars universe, where mystery and power converge.

      The Darksaber's dark blade is a testament to its connection with the dark side of the Force, making it a desirable artifact for both Jedi and Sith alike. 

      As you hold our Darksaber replica, you'll feel the weight of its legacy and the allure of its dark power.

      What's the Story Behind the Star Wars Black Lightsaber?

      The tale of the Darksaber begins with its creation by Tarre Vizsla, a Mandalorian Jedi Knight who lived thousands of years ago. 

      As the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla used the Darksaber to establish his dominance.

      Over the centuries, the Star Wars black series lightsabers, inspired from Star Wars lightsabers, changed hands numerous times, often through combat and duels. 

      It became a symbol of leadership and power among the Mandalorian clans, signifying the ruler of Mandalore. 

      Whoever possessed the Darksaber could claim the title of Mandalore, uniting the clans under their banner.

      Notable wielders of the Darksaber include Pre Vizsla, a leader of the Death Watch, and Darth Maul, who used it as a symbol of his authority over Mandalore. 

      Why are Star Wars Black Series Lightsabers Popular?

      Crafted with premium materials, our Black Series lightsabers blend quality with craftsmanship. 

      The hilt's texture, the LED blade's radiant glow—every aspect is engineered to capture the magic of Star Wars, ensuring that your lightsaber experience is as authentic as it gets.

      For collectors, a Black Series Lightsaber is more than an item—it's a treasure, a testament to your passion for Star Wars. 

      These sabers fill you with pride and admiration, displayed on your shelf or ignited for duels.

      Are There Unique Features in a Black Saber for Sale?

      1. Darksaber Design: Our Black Sabers are inspired by the legendary Darksaber, with its distinctive, jagged blade edge, providing a striking and unique appearance.
      1. Premium Materials: Crafted with top-quality materials, these sabers offer durability and an authentic feel, making them ideal for collectors and enthusiasts.
      1. High-Quality LEDs: The LED technology in our black lightsaber blade ensures a vibrant and realistic blade glow, adding to the overall visual appeal.
      1. Sound Effects: Enjoy immersive sound effects that mimic the iconic hum and clash of lightsabers from the Star Wars universe.
      1. Display Stand: Many Black Sabers come with custom display stands, allowing you to showcase your saber when not in use, making it both a collectible and a decorative piece.

      Why Choose Artsabers to Buy Black Saber Blade Online?

      When you choose ARTSABERS, you're choosing the perfect blend of quality and craftsmanship. 

      Our black saber blades are constructed using premium materials, ensuring their durability and striking appearance. 

      From the meticulously detailed hilt to the vibrant LED blade, every aspect is thoughtfully engineered to provide you with an authentic Star Wars experience.

      So, why choose ARTSABERS? Because we don't just sell saber replicas; we sell dreams, memories, and a connection to a galaxy of adventures.