Star Wars Rey Movie ‘The New Jedi Order’ Reportedly Filming This Year

Star Wars Rey Movie ‘The New Jedi Order’ Reportedly Filming This Year

The upcoming Star Wars movie, which marks Daisy Ridley’s return as Rey Skywalker, has sparked a wave of excitement among fans. Rumors are rife that LucasFilm’s Rey movie, potentially titled “New Jedi Order,” is set to start shooting in September.

Last year, Lucasfilm made an official announcement about their work on a new Star Wars movie. This movie, set in the intriguing New Jedi Order era, promises to bring back beloved characters from the lore, a fact that has fans buzzing with excitement. 

While the project is still in the development phase, we've heard several reports about the movie's alleged title, the New Jedi Order logo, and Comments from Ridley and the director. 

As per insider Daniel Richtman's scoop, the upcoming Star Wars Rey movie is scheduled to begin filming in September 2024. Additionally, the report claimed that this project is currently casting for young actors who will be portrayed as Rey’s Padawans and a villain. 

However, Lucasfilm has not yet confirmed any report. That means any rumors about the filming date might not be accurate. The prediction is based on Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's recent hint at her plans for the film. 

She said, "At the heart of it, for me, is Rey Skywalker, is Daisy Ridley and her story and taking her on an adventure to a Jedi academy. And sort of creating a world that is a natural dovetail to the story we've seen her go through the last three episodes.”

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