Will ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Season 2 Still Happen

Will ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Season 2 Still Happen

Since its release, Star Wars' latest Disney+ series, The Acolyte, has become a topic of discussion among fans. Even after receiving strong reviews from critics, with an 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it has been "canceled" by some fans due to its "woke" decisions and perceived impact on the franchise's canon. 

The series has received harsh fan reactions, resulting in a record-low audience score of just 14%. 

The term ‘woke’ has been used to criticize media with diverse casts, which The Acolyte has featured prominently, including different genders, races, sexualities, and disabilities. 

Fans have highly criticized the actress Amandla Stenberg’s lead role as the force-wielding twins Mae and Osha. Also, her character’s parentage, who are homosexual women, has been attacked with hate, as she is born from the Force through the magic of the two women. 

The creator, Lesylie Headland, responded to people calling it an LGBTQ series:  

"They’re in a matriarchal society. As a gay woman, I knew it would read that their sexuality is queer, but there also aren’t any men in their community. So, a closeness between the two of them would be natural. It seemed plot-driven. I would say it’s really reductive to call them lesbians. I think it means you’re not really paying attention to this story."

In March 2024, three months before the series premiere, insider DanielRPK posted a rumor stating that a writers' room had already been opened to begin development on The Acolyte Season 2.

With the massive backlash from the fans, there is speculation about whether Season 2 might be discontinued. However, a key factor can be the series's Disney+ viewership.

Earlier, Leslye Headland suggested in an interview that Season 1 will provide "a nice resolution that feels satisfying" while also leaving "enough nods to mysteries" to keep fans interested in a second season:

"I think you should put everything you can into the first season and give the audience a nice resolution that feels satisfying but enough nods to mysteries that you would want to see a second season."

The Acolyte may seem to resolve its Sith mystery in Season 1 while leaving some questions and clues for the future. In an interview, the creator said she plans to tuck Qimir back into the shadow after his identity is revealed in Season 2 for a bigger story. However, after viewing Jacinto in the role, she discovered that a few changes were needed.

It’s all up to Lucasfilm to decide whether to cancel or renew the series based on the viewership and response to the criticisms.

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