Star Wars: The Acolyte Introduces Polarizing Twist Ahead of Season Finale

Star Wars: The Acolyte Introduces Polarizing Twist Ahead of Season Finale

Star Wars: The Acolyte, a show that has ignited passionate discussions and split opinions among fans and critics, is believed to be one of the most polarising projects of Star Wars. 

When the first season dropped on Disney+ on Tuesday night, it answered many questions about the series timeline. The third episode, which is set entirely in the past, reveals the story of the night on Brendok when the Jedi came for Osha and Mae. 

In the same scene, we see Osha and Mae on the opposite side of the collapsing bridge, and Sol, who’s nearby, tries to save them. Mae's side of the bridge fell, but Sol managed to save Osha (though Mae also survived). But there’s a new twist on the same scene. 

Even the show creator, Leslye Headland, said earlier that the series needs a bit of change for the good, but it’ll be more focused on the new Sith, the Stranger so that the viewers are left with something to anticipate. However, the significant twist is about Osha, Sol's former Padawan, who is no longer with him. 

Sol tries to save both using his Force Powers by holding up each side of the bridge. After realizing he can’t hold it up for too long, he lets Mae fall to save Osha. He chose to save the sister, who wanted to follow the Jedi path. 

The Acolyte has reportedly faced review-bombing from many fans and critics. Even those approaching it with an open mind are struggling to enjoy it. The short length of episodes, with minimal plot progression, might cause the series to falter in its finale despite any potential surprises. 

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